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Hallowicked 25



25Th Hallowicked  Line-up


Written By: Warloxide


Its that season again where the Wicked Clownz celebrate their favorite holiday Halloween. Back with their 25th Annual Hallowicked show The Insane Clown Posse brings the heat more than ever. We all know that ICP concerts can get wild, but not as wild as Hallowicked in Detroit. The event will be returning to The Russel Industrial Center for a second consecutive year. The return was questionable after the venue owner was assaulted with Faygo bottles last year. This is the perfect Venue for Juggalos and is big enough to hold the event.




This highly anticipated show has a hell of a line-up seeming how Ouija is the only other Psychopathic artist preforming. With appearances from Mac Lethal, Esham, Cage and Stitches this night should be off the chains. Hallowicked will be hosted by none other than our homie Rude Boy and Clownvis Presley. JCW will be in the house with Slaughterfest also check out the Mouth of Madness Escape Room. After the show don’t forget to check out the 25 Years of Fear After Party held at the same venue. I personally cannot wait for the DCG Game Room ft. Into The Echoside and Quest for Shangri-La and more.


When it comes to entertainment these guys know exactly what to do.  Every year putting on dope  events such as The Gathering of the Juggalos, DCG Con, Juggalo Day and Hallowicked.  With the family love and weed smoke in the air we can say all of their events are nothing less than magical. So make sure you get down to Hallowicked and have the time of your life. Great music and great people make for great times. Mad props to ICP for doing all that they have done to bring everyone together.


Fearless Fred Fury Pushed Back




Aside from all the freshness going on at Hallowicked I sadly have some staleness to report. The newest jokers card Fearless Fred Fury has been pushed back until February 15, 2019. They announced the release date for Oct 26, 2018 at the GOTJ 2018. This had people hyped and ready for the return of the wicked shit. But without notice just 2 days before it’s release it was pushed back a few months. Alot of people are upset about this and a lot of people don’t care. I for one want this to be the freshest album to drop by the clownz so waiting longer is fine. Pre-orders will be available Nov 23rd along with the first single and track list.


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