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T-Money Green Hyped Up Live Sessions Cures The Industry

T-Money Green Is The Antidote For The Record Labels And Mumble Rap

Written By: Sid Jones

The Legacy Of T-Money Green

T-Money Green, aka Edward Tony Green has had a very lucrative and illustrated career. From the time he was 14 years old, he had been playing bass. In 1971. he formed his own band, the Roadwork Crew. Four years later, he was noticed by L.J Reynolds of The Dramatics.

After auditioning, T-Money became the official bass player for The Dramatics. As time progressed, he wrote, produced and played bass for may of their hits. Including, four songs from the gold album Do What You Wanna Do.

Seven years later, T-Money and Ron Banks of The Dramatics teamed up with legendary, George Clinton. The three wrote one of the most sampled songs in the history of music. One of Those Funky Things, from Parliament’s Motor Booty Affair.

In 1993, T-Money Green became the band director and base player for Death Row Records. From Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style album to Tupac’s All Eyez On Me album, his bassline has been recognized and utilized for artists of legendary status. Death Row Records became his home.

Today, T-Money Green is the founder and CEO of Hyped International Records. His arsenal of music is still being added to. This repertoire of music is known as, The Vault. These eclectic projects consist of all styles of music.

His works have been sampled by several artists including, DMX, Tupac, Master P, Ice Cube, The Game, and several others.


The Hero From The Past

Fast forward to today. Now, we have theaters with bars in them. We are seeing the entertainment world shift-into directions we may, or may not like.

Take the music scene, for instance. There are numerous artists signed and sent out to make us dumber and less talented. After speaking with T-Money Green, I have come to learn that this won’t be the case for much longer.

A hero is among us. The Motor City holds the antidote to the garbage that’s being fed to us. The record labels are the disease. The artists they’re artificially distributing are the carriers. Those that have been infected, will soon realize that there is a cure.

The Vault is about to be opened. Inside this vault, holds the vaccine. The Dr. T-Money Green is working hard for the artists and the fans.


The Promise

T-Money Green has noticed the changes and adjustments made in the entertainment industry. He has now offered everyone the opportunity to a free concert. Once a month, Hyped Up Live Sessions gives you headlining acts.

Redd Performing Hyped Up Live Sessions 10/16/18

If you’re not a fan of the crowds, the driving, the traveling, or even the openers. There is a place that offers you the best talent and entertainment. This has become a revolutionary response for those with social anxiety, financial issues and those that just don’t like going to shows.

You now have the ability to see performances, live from your electronic device.

This is just the beginning. Hyped Up Live Sessions has given artists a fighting chance, without the backing of a record label. The opportunity is organic. This isn’t about the underground anymore. It’s about changing the industry and bringing real music back to the listener’s ear.


The Future

We have an upcoming interview with the living legend, T-Money Green. As I had mentioned earlier, we talked off the record. I have learned a lot from him. I went to Hyped Up Live Sessions for the first time ever and walked away with more knowledge than I did, walking in. There is a message I need to deliver; We will be bringing real hip-hop back, thanks to Hyped Up and T-Money Green.

The honor and the privilege was definitely mine.


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