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Womp Romp And The Culture

Womp Romp: The Roots And Culture Of A Movement

Written By: DJ Sunshine


First Glance

In 2015, I found myself just leaving the army. I was diagnosed with PTSD and I was on edge all the time. I happened along some friends that were working on a project promoting the local EDM scene. I myself had just bought my first DJ board and knew only hip hop.

I asked what the fuck is EDM and of course they laughed and said just come. I later found out that we were going to Womp Romp. The show was in Kalamazoo at Papa Petes. So I packed them all in my car and we drove down there.

I walked in and the music hit my brain and I instantly fell in love. what amazed me after years of war and being around bars is these people were not what I was used too.

They were powerful with their love. Before too long the hardcore combat soldier was dancing to the beat and filming all the same time. The Lights, the Sound, the Love, it all synced with my brain and put me on cloud 9 and then it was over and I was hooked.

So for me Womp Romp is where EDM begins for me and I’m determined to not let Womp Romp or EDM die.

The Culture

According to Urban Dictionary Womp Romp is “Only the most legit, awesome, crazy-rad dance party to ever hit west Michigan. EDM, flashing lights, dirty bass, live painting, and all around good vibes to be had for all”.

Ran by Carlos Mosqueda, Hosted by MC Tiji and presented by TBA Pro Womp Romp lives up to the description. They come with a plethora of DJs and live acts and they invade places all over Michigan with dirty bass and good vibes all year round.

When the Club ends oh its not over the after parties are what lives in infamy. Ill just say you haven’t gone to house party quite like a Womp Romp after party. This is hands down all around the greatest music venue coming out of Muskegon, Michigan.

With watt after watt of pounding bass, dazzling light work, a welcoming ambiance, the best crowd to vibe out with and immerse yourself into the music, I would make Womp Romp on your list of things to go and do. check out the links below to catch a show.

In my time of going Ive heard some great DJ’s and its only going to get better from there. This is the place where I heard Prim, Grimebag, Large Mouth Bass, Mr Segrin and there is to many to list.

Believe it or not they even bring in DJ’s from all over the country. I promise you will not be disappointed. My latest dose of  Womp Romp took me to a blistery September night at Pats Road House but the party still kicked and I had a blast by the bon fire.

Check out the promo mix by legendary Mr Segrin who brings a sound that mashes into my senses so well I see the alpha omega.

Ok fam be sure to catch Womp Romp on November 3rd at Papa Petes in KZOO. They will be supplying the vibes with special guest DJ Champagne Drip. So get your ass there! Its gonna be lit. Here is a little sample.


In Closing

So what is Womp Romp? For me its almost like a healing process. For you its a place where you can get weird. A place where you fit in. A place where you belong. Whats Womp Romp its a place where all the magic is. See you there!

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