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Underground Music Scene Is In A Revolutionary State

The Underground Music Scene Is Flourishing More Than It Has In Recent Years

Written By: Sid Jones


The underground music has provided us with some of the most memorable moments in recent years. However, there has been a time or two where the scene had become over saturated. We’ve witnessed a lot of artists come and go, movements flourish and burn out.

Now, we’re witnessing something completely different. The scene is in a revolutionary state that we haven’t seen in a long time. Quite possibly, the greatest evolution of music. The evidence will be shown to you in this article. If you’re  a hip-hop fan, an MC, a promoter, or even a street teamer. Then you’re witnesses to what I’m saying is in fact, true.

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With that said, let’s get into it…


The Lineups

No matter what show you go to, there are going to be people there, supporting their artists. The performances have been electric, from coast to coast. Zae The Godd in Boston, Harlem 6, Kovax and that’s just to name a few. We’re seeing live shows with live sets. It’s entertainment at it’s finest.

The headliners are always something to look for. That’s always been the case. However, now it’s been made a point to have grand-slam shows. Where every set is incredible. I remember, not too long ago when people would stand outside and wait for the last two artists/bands to perform. It’s different now. People don’t want to miss anyone sets.


Old School Meets New School

The underground has had a lot of new faces. These new faces have been making a name for themselves. However, we’re seeing the return of OGs. Artists that have been in the game for decades are making their marks and passing the torch. This is a beautiful thing.

Imagine Kovax in 20 years. What is that going to do for the Detroit scene? No matter where he goes, he will be considered a Detroit artist. The city will praise him, as they do with others. Eminem is still celebrated as a Detroit MC. Even though he’s an international sensation.

Don’t forget about Dice. Seven The General, King Gordy and the members of D12. All Detroit, all OGs. They’re all doing projects and it’s absolutely amazing. Artists like Redd, Jenocia X, and IR8 are all looking to the legends. Opening up for the likes of The R.O.C and Bizarre of D12.

Not to mention, the collaborations. Oh, sweet beautiful mixtapes. And speaking of which..


The Mixtapes

As stated before, we’re seeing a collection of mixtapes, unlike anything we’ve seen. I remember in 2014, everyone was calling an LP or an EP a mixtape. Even though, it was a legitimate album. Today, we get to count on a mixtape actually being one. And they’re good! That to me, is a huge building block. A milestone and something to celebrate.

Underground Hustlin’ has always had a good lineup of hosts. Now, we’re seeing the likes of the Last American Rock Stars, Rittz, and the R.O.C hosting. The themes have always been unique and offer great promotional materials for the artists.

Now, they’ve provided long-term contact. For instance, you’ll find Xtra Overdoze on one of the best tracks from Underground Hustlin’ 65. Now, he’s got track out with IR8, whom also featured on UGH 65. That’s just one example.

As I’ve mentioned the lineups earlier, these mixtapes have come into play when it comes to shows and live events. Basically, these mixtapes have held a lot of promise for artists. More importantly, for the fans. The underground is the place to be. Truly remarkable.


The Mainstream Is Crumbling

Are you tired of listening to the same old mumble rap yet? Bored of artists overdosing on snack food? Millions are suffering from mind numbing and ridiculous gimmicks. Give me a dude in a Lecter mask, wielding a chainsaw any day. I would gladly take that over ignorant press.

Here at RoxxxTV, we’re offering you a solution. Call a friend, grab a shovel, get in your car and start digging. The underground is the place to be. We have shows that would blow your mind. Most of them, without a barricade. Our scene is better than yours. Promise you.

Zae The Godd During An Interview

If you need proof, there’s a little something we have for you. A headline taken from “2018 American Music Awards Stumble In Early TV Ratings.” Yeah, the AMA dropped 25% from last year. According to Variety. However, the Trump News Channel reports 29% and we’ve decided to go with the Variety data.

The major record labels are already out there, scouting for new talent. They’re at underground shows. You’ve probably met them and never knew it. That’s just solid evidence that the underground is truly flourishing.

The artists need you. If there’s a group, an MC you’re supporting, buy albums and be active on their social media. They need us. They need you. The more support you show them, the more chance the artist you’re backing gets drafted into the next big label.

We’re already seeing it happen. Just ask Whitney Peyton!


What are some underground artists we should be listening to? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to talk to us about sponsoring articles like this!

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