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Bukshot Calls Tales From The Lotus Podcast


Bukshot Exclusive Interview with Warloxide


Written By: Warloxide


On the most recent episode of Tales from the Lotus Podcast, I had a chance to  interview the Underground OG himself Bukshot. This interview was long awaited and finally went down. Bukshot goes into detail about the recent Underground Avengers album Anomaly 88 and touches on future projects.  The interview has been in the works since before Bukshot signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment. I finally touched base with him over the phone.




The interview went well as Bukshot cleared the air on a lot of things. We discussed Lyte being pulled from the Thanos project and The recent fiasco with ChildsPlayNinja and Anomaly 88.  After the interview I’m sure more people could see how chill of a dude that Bukshot really is. He informed us that MNE artist are not under any artistic restrictions as far as who they can work with. The question was going around when Lyte was pulled from the Thanos track. He assured us that he made sure MNE management was ok with it and Lyte checked with Psychopathic as well. It wasn’t til Lyte went to the studio to record his verse when Billy Bill told him that he wasn’t gonna be on the track. The answers as to why he was told this is still unanswered. Perhaps Psychopathic will answer this question soon.




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