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Top 10 Songs That Need A Horror Film Adaptation

Top 10 Tracks That Desperately Need A Horror Film Adaptation

Written By: Sid Jones


It’s October! So we’re celebrating the first weekend of the month with a top ten! I have put a lot of thought into this. Not only is this commemorating Halloween, it’s a nod to the upcoming short film directed by Jimmy Donn.

I know we’ve been anticipating this project for a while. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. It’s two songs, transformed into a mini film. It features Dark Lord Vader himself. The King of Van Dyke. King Gordy.

So with that, we introduce you to another top 10 songs that should follow suit. Some of these may be familiar, while others are a little more abstract. You will get the artist, song title, and a small concept of how the film should be treated. What the main plot should be etc.

Before we begin, I’d like to thank this weeks sponsor for our top 10. This one is much different than what you have seen. This entire list was brought to you by the Sicfux family. Sleep Lyrical is going through some medical issues. Instead of asking for donations, Jimmy Donn has assembled a mystery box:

All proceeds will go to the medical needs and expenses for this amazing artist! We thank you Jimmy for helping us. By doing so, we hope this helps our friend in need.

Let’s begin



Twiztid- Kill Somebody

The concept is simple: Think the Purge films. Only this time, it’s two out for blood in 90 minutes of mayhem. Friends from high school, co-workers, it’s all plausible. The makeup and effects used in the music video would make for an entertaining full length film.

Bonus points if Twiztid makes a cameo!



Gorilla Voltage- Grime

I have been looking forward to talking about this idea for the longest time. I did a YouTube video about my idea for a music video. Now, I have an opportunity to discuss the vision I have, further. A man or woman sitting at their desk or sitting at home. A mundane life. They have their urges and darkest desires.

Enter a dark cloaked figure that reaches into their chests. Flashes of the victims’ past, vivid images of all their thoughts. Suddenly, a different form of them is brought out of their empty shell. Maybe instead of being clean cut, they have dyed hair. Or maybe, they’re wearing a leather jacket and spikes on the shoulders.

As the film continues, it’s a recruiting scene. They begin to break into workplaces, homes and clubs. They terrorize the streets and begin doing the same thing that was done to them. As an army is formed, chaos ensues. Blood, violence, or maybe an even darker story that revolves around one individual. The death of them and the resurrection of Grime.



Mars- Heartless

this had to go on the top 10. I have admired this song for many years. I bought the album Mars Attacks brand new, sealed. This song had stuck with me the most. I’ve had so many creative ideas on what to do with this track. Now, I get to share my vision with you.

Picture if you will, a small group of people. Maybe familiar faces? Then you have someone who leads them into a world of murder and mayhem. Think of the Zodiac killer, combine that with the Manson murders, throw in a handful of dark comedy and blend it together. That is essentially, the grand idea for this film. The possibilities are endless.

This film would be perfect as a nod to some of the classics like, Devils Rejects. Anyone could make this a possibility. However, my vote would be Eli Roth or Rob Zombie. Cabin Fever and Hostel. The plotline has so many possibilities. Even location wouldn’t be an issue. Either Small Town, USA or the Big Apple. You could have it in Seattle or Detroit. It’s perfect if, done right.



Kidcrusher- Naughty List

Krampus is a great horror film, for Christmas. This film would be perfect for both. A dark, violent, gory and insanely controversial. The concept? A man who’s a copycat of Krampus, only with guns, knives and bombs. Think Punisher meets The Grinch.

A full length film with nods and references to Dr. Seuss. For adults, littered with violence. Naughty List is already the perfect title. To make it even better, make it a grindhouse film. Much like Death Proof, Hobo With A Shotgun, Planet Terror, etc.

A year round classic, asking one thing. Is it a Christmas, or Halloween film?



Blaze Ya Dead Homie- Escape Artist

This is the story of an OG in the streets of Harlem, Detroit, L.A, wherever. He’s chilling in his house with his boys. Counting money, assembling guns, weighing drugs, and so on. Dudes bust in and gun everyone down. Stray bullets rip through a wall. The thugs open the door and discover a wife and two kids. Dead.

They hear the murmur of a lone survivor. They turn and stand over the gasping victim. A bullet in his head. They soak the house in gasoline. The crew rushes out after a Zippo ignites the inferno. The Escape Artist emerges during a live news broadcast. He’s stumbling out of the fire, a silhouette.

Now he’s out for revenge. It’s a bloody free for all. Brought to you by Blumhouse.

Admit it, you’d watch it.



Necro- White Human Traffic King

The plot is simple: Human Trafficking. However, this is a two hour film. Directed by the Weinstein Brothers. The studio that brought you, Rambo. Only this film is Hostel meets I Spit On Your Grave. We’re talking borderline Serbian Film. To be completely honest, it would probably be banned.

Either way, this would be a horror film we’d all demand. The kidnappings, the trade, then turned to the lives of the victims. Broken down into different chapters. Like the classic Tarantino films. Necro, this a good idea. We urge you to make this happen!



Insane Clown Posse- Hell’s Forecast

Let’s get supernatural for a moment. A small child is put to bed by her loving family Suburban American. It’s a hot summer night, the fan is going and there’s a nightlight that glows and flashes. The mom and dad are up, talking in bed.

A thud on the roof. It’s ignored. Another thud. They shrug it off. Now there’s frequent thuds and glass shattering. Car alarms going off. Cut to the little girl meandering out of her bed, towards her window. She sees blood and body parts raining in the streets.

People are grieving and panicking as the sky turns red. Black clouds emerge and roll in. She hides under her bed and covers her ears. The nightlight flickers and goes out. Mayhem and carnage rain down on suburbia.

That’s just how it begins. Now, as the movie continues, it’s news reporters standing outside as the gore bakes in the sun. Clouds begin to blotch out the sun again. The little girl is haunted by visions of the Wraith.

This film could go into any direction and blend into any song from the Joker Cards. It would have to be directed and produced by a large studio. Universal Pictures presents, Forecast. A horror/disaster film.



King Gordy- When Darkness Falls

This would be a clever, eerie horror film. Not so much in a grotesque way. It would be in the style of Seven. A man that struggles in a marriage, financial issues etc. Next thing he knows, he’s in the office where a man appears to him. The lights go out, consumed by darkness.

He finally digs deep and begins to make the decisions that are best suited. Or so he thinks. As time goes on, he begins to realize that he’s fallen into madness. The only thing that brings him comfort is a voice and the occasional shadows. The darkness has become his new home. His only friend.

The movie title? Darkness Falls On You. The concept would be from the first person perspective. Much like the remake of Maniac. Subtle images, no CGI and unsettling environment. The tone of the film would be best suited from the studio and makers behind, It Comes At Night.



Boondox FT Redd- The Rage

This is a layered horror film. A secret society that stirs chaos through media and subliminal messages. It’s a modern take on They Live with fire and brutality. A family that’s recruited by television and media. They go out and murder when they’re told. The orders are delivered to them throughout the film.

This would be the film with the twist ending and would be better off as a slow burner horror. Quick flashes and scene change. In the second act, we’d learn that there are others that are following the messages. The third act would be the invasions and the terror of every day events. The twist would be controversial at best.



Jimmy Donn FT King Gordy- Don’t Go In The Basement

This is my idea of the best kind of horror. A man has a woman (or little girl) tied in the basement. He wasn’t suppose to and his recruiter finds out. He gets pissed, especially when he finds out who the little girl is. JonBenet Ramsey. (sort of, hinted at)

This all happens inside the “Ramsey” house (names changed for legal reasons) and that’s how the movie starts. By the time we see the second act, we’re in another basement. This time, it’s after the investigation. There is an argument between the two guys that killed the little girl.

A cop shows up, too shocked to speak. He finds a waitress inside a shed outside. Instead of calling it in, he decides to make a little money and profit. He’s paid off.

Act Three reveals him to be a new recruit and the entire town is theirs for the taking.

With dark comedy, real events, and strategic violence. With a twist ending: The mother of “JonBenet” was behind it the whole time.


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