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Ku-Laid Thee Entertainer Takes Risk’s to Win W/ R.A.W #10

Ku-Laid Thee Entertainer

R.A.W Vol.10 Risks And Wins


Roxxxstars this monthly mix tape from Ku-Laid Thee Entertainer does not disappoint with a gritty flow and a direct message brought to your ears that makes you want to take risks and follow dreams without looking back. R.A.W Vol.10 is a perfect mix to hustle to or just vibe and listen while clearing your thoughts, in my opinion, I would tell you to start with the opening track  “Brain Spill Pt. 1” as it reflects and connects with the way most struggle with their thoughts and sometimes the devil on our shoulder . The second track that I would tell everybody to follow up with is “No Company ” a direct message to people faking the game or knocking on the hustle how he feels and laced with tips on the game if you listen close.

Ku-Laid needs “No Company”

“No Company ” is followed up with a future banger if it’s not slept on “Soak It Up” lets you know the rewards of the risk’s taking us to the wins part of the mixtape with a musical-visual of the good life pouring up drinks and living a lavish life. Although Ku-Laid Thee Entertainer kills this track and broadcasts the message in a great way he is very well complimented by Veez (FTP) and even ends the banger with a hint of comedy.

The mix tape is beautifully mixed mastered and produced by an array of talent that gives Ku-Laid the ammunition to use in his arsenal of talents. Risk’s and Win’s Vol.10 is a definite banger of a mixtape and even tho this is Ku-Laid’s 10th mix tape this year he shows no signs of stopping his dreams of a monthly mix tape series that lasts all 12 months of the year without losing any sauce in his style or flows.

Agin Ku-Laid leaves me in anticipation for R.A.W Vol.11  as I was not pushed away by anything on this mixtape, even with the second song not hitting as hard with me I still can’t hate with the lyrical talent presented its easy to assume Ku-Laid is bridging the gap between old-school hip-hop and the new wave of today’s billboard rap . So Roxxxstars all I can say is go roll up a spliff and go take your first risk, which isn’t much of a risk but go bump R.A.W Vol.10 Risks and Wins.


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