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XXXTENTACION New Music Video ‘Moonlight’ Breakdown

XXXTENTACION ‘Moonlight’ Is Ominous After His Passing

Written By: Sid Jones


XXXTENTACION has a new music video out titled, Moonlight. For starts, I am not a fan of his music. I am well aware of his questionable acts. As many of us are. However, this music video is a reminder that even after an artist has passed, their work lives on.

What really shocked me was when I got the notification. Watching the video and the slight details left me unsettled. Despite what you think of him, X has made an impact in the mainstream. Even in death, this man still raised controversy. From his long, criminal record to his violent acts. His memorial, turned into a riot.

There’s a documentary on YouTube that looks into the life and death of XXXTENTACION. I strongly recommend you give it a chance. Moonlight, again isn’t my kind of music. He’s not my favorite rap artist. Just watching the video, will give you chills.

Let’s do a brief breakdown of this video and all the small things you’ll find in it.


Moonlight In Darkness

The music video opens with X, listening to music on his headphones. He’s in the forest with other people. Assuming they’re his friends and they don’t even see him. He’s watching over them and watching them gather. They’re not partying, celebrating or even interacting. They are simply just there.

As the music video continues, XXXTENTACION looks like he’s saddened. He walks through the small gathering and then, he’s sitting alone. Just as he was in the beginning.


Ominous Message

When XXXTENTACION was interviewed with Adam22, it almost seemed like he feared for his life. He didn’t want to reveal his face. Mind you, this was years before he was shot and killed in Florida. Watch the footage from the memorial and then watch Moonlight.

We hear of people, knowing when their time is up. Looking at the timeline, it appears that X waited in fear. He somehow knew he wouldn’t like to be very old. Not only is that terrifying, it’s sad. We do stupid things. I know I did when I was 20. That doesn’t mean you deserve to die.

Maybe XXXTENTACION felt differently. Perhaps, he felt that Karma would eventually come back to haunt him. Remember, Moonlight was already filmed and prepared for release. There’s even rumor of a full length album coming out. You have to admit, that’s some Tupac level of immortality.

Now, he’s watching over his friends. They don’t know he’s there, but this music video should bring his fans some sort of comfort. As creepy and as chilling as the video is, he loved his fans. He loved the music. More importantly, he was self aware. Quite possibly, years ahead of his time.


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