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U.G.H 66 Contest winner Ft. MNE’s The R.O.C

U.G.H 66 Contest Winner Announced

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Oh boy, Roxxxstars do I have some freshness for you today exclusive news from the underground direct to your eyes and ears we have the official Underground Hustlin U.G.H 66 contest winner. With a name like U.G.H, you know that the winner has to bring a song that not only stands out but is an example of what the longest running mixtape series in the underground think is dope. Roxxxtv is fortunate enough to get the chance to show you that it is the top underground news source today with your chance to bump this preview of the epic superpowers that lace the latest U.G.H 66 and boost your anticipation for the release of another monster mixtape.

Although the history of Underground Hustlin has a reputation itself that brings you to their mixtape series I assure you the new U.G.H 66 will blow your minds from the production done by the doctor that went insane Stir Crazy to the way the legendary R.O.C adds his twist with features as the host of U.G.H 66. Only toping his past appearances as an honorary host, the R.O.C and Stir Crazy team up for Amnesia (301 King) feat. Intrinzik, & Monoxide – Hate Amongst Men.

If that alone doesn’t make you drool or jump in anticipation you must be a dead body because we all know Underground Hustlin is the only place legendary producers and lyricist meet to destroy beats and create timeless underground classics. After that hype, you must be interested in what and who could grab the attention of the minds that live in the deep tunnels beneath our streets, buildings, and homes. The place where the lyrical beasts and musical monsters live humbly restoring power to the forgotten slept on and disregarded talent thrown in the shadows due to the evil mainstream music industry glorifying the mumbles over a hypnotizing beat this is U.G.H 66 as it tells the tales of this power struggle.

DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo (feat. One Point Rizz, The R.O.C. & Intrinzik) – “Incredibly Credible” wins U.G.H 66 contest

That’s right Roxxxstars the first single from Underground Hustlin 66 and DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo “Incredibly Credible”, produced by Stir Crazy and featuring The R.O.C, Intrinzik, and contest winner One Point Rizz this track is catchy and gives you that real underground hip-hop feel U.G.H is still bringing to the front of the underground .

DieNasty U.G.H 66

If you are not familiar with DieNasty he is dark but with a twist of gangster , his sound can be described by some as a dark version of barrio rap mixed with a few drops of Juggalo attitude and horrorcore creating a perfect formula for a future underground giant. Along with the help of Intinzik founder of U.G.H DieNasty helped shed light on an upcoming underground artist putting in work and showing his lyricism with a mic  One Point Rizz .

More on One Point Rizz…

One Point Rizz is a little know artist doing his thing in the music industry putting together his own rryme style with an expression of his own life and feels in the world . Rizz has catchy music with features that complement him one can see why he was chosen , we can only think he will be featured on more U.G.H mixtapes to come in the future

Choosing the winner …..


Our sources over at the U.G.H superhero headquarters revealed to us that it wasn’t easy to choose a winner for the contest but after days of hard work and hustlin on their side they finally chose a winner with DieNasty’s “Incredibly Credible”. With a line up to choose from like they had its not surprising the job of being a judge is hard but at the end of the day the U.G.H crew just wants to see people shine so they blessed all of us undergroundians with a cypher at the end of U.G.H 66 that features the runner-up entries from ” Staplez, TBMA, Insane LOC, Sin7uL, Infexous, Outbreak Monkey, Kurtis Tripp, EZ SixOSix & Jinzo “with their super sick verses over a insane Stir Crazy beat for a surprise I’m sure we all are gonna be happy with.


Roxxxstars if you’re not wetting your pants with excitement we can’t be friends because I am about to burst , with the release of Underground hustlin 66 still about a week away set for October 1st just in time for everbodys favorite holiday you want to guarentee your copy . So you better pre order now and why not anyways you get a great package with it insteasd of just an awesome cd with bad ass art work, youll receive a green collectors tape and a deck of U.G.H 66 superhero cards featureing a signed R.O.C special edition Incredible Hulk card .

U.G.H 66Pre-Order U.G.H 66

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DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo

DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo :





One Point Riz :One Point Rizz


TWITTER & IG : @onepointrizz

YT : One Point Rizz


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