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Top 10 Songs For Your Halloween Party

Halloween Is Approaching We Got Your Top 10 Songs For Your Party!

Written By: Sid Jones


Halloween is upon us! Women are wearing their typical clothing, eating and drinking everything pumpkin spice. Their boyfriends are wearing ugly sweatshirts and doing whatever it is they do. You’re gearing up with your favorite hoodies, smoking joints with your friends and watching horror films. Maybe, you’re gearing up for a party?

We’re sure that the pumpkin spice basic bitches are doing the same. With that, we have a top 10 that’ll turn their stomachs, and please our readers. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Freddy and Jason spilling blood and spreading fear!

Was that terrible? Probably. So, let’s leave it to the professionals as we dive into the top 10 songs you need for your Halloween party.

Before we begin, we’d like to remind everyone that Dark Syde Acres is opening! One of the most notorious and scariest haunts in Michigan! They’ve provided us with this article, and we’re truly grateful. The links are down below for schedules and tickets!

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Marilyn Manson- This Is Halloween

I know what you’re thinking. “Why is this number 10, when it should be much higher on the list?” Put down the candy corn and let me explain. (no really put down the candy corn, it’s disgusting don’t eat it) We put it at the 10 spot because it’s the one everyone can agree on. Simply put, it’s the obvious choice. Marilyn Manson did the best song off of Nightmare Revisited. Perfect Halloween song, the perfect remake and arguably, better than the original.



Boondox Ft Redd- 3..2..1 Off With Your Head

One of my all time favorites. So again, why is it so low on the list? Well, in all fairness we’ve mentioned this song on our Top 10 Songs That Need To Be Used For Entrance Music and we’ve referenced this track plenty. However, it felt wrong not to mention this song. Especially since it has that October feel to it. If you want to frighten your friends and family, or just bump good music. This is one of the songs you need to be listening to.



ICP- Halloween On Military Street

This song is absolutely amazing for this time of year. A lot of people have forgotten about this song. See what I did there? Not funny? Anyway, the opening is sheer terror. Something from the Twilight Zone and Violent J doing his old school horror. To me, it’s one of the greatest songs they had done. Story telling at it’s finest and perfect for that track you play outside to scare Trick r Treaters.



Twiztid- Blood…All I Need

No mention of Halloween, however the theme of it, the opening and the closing line in the last verse? Perfect! I loved this album, as did most. It’s one of the reasons I had to pick a song off the album. It’s a year round album. However, this song in particular has that Halloween tone to it. All out violence for no reason? Mayhem at it’s finest. The description and the lyrics? Violent and vicious.



Rob Zombie- Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix)

I was tied between this song and, Living Dead Girl. The remix was the deciding factor. I couldn’t get the image out of my head of what could be an ultimate party. The lap dances from women in lingerie and the cat ears Halloween costume. You know what I’m talking about, don’t lie.

Not to mention, the drops on the song are amazing and well timed. The message of the song itself (Herman Munster’s hot rod in the sitcom show, Munsters) brings it all together.



King Gordy- Howl At The Moon

Ghouls, goblins, witches, ghosts, vampires and of course, werewolves. One of the most iconic creatures gets a song from King Gordy. One of my absolute favorite songs from the king of horrorcore (the man and the album) is Howl at the Moon. It wouldn’t be Halloween for me without this song. Something would be out of place.

Like those women not getting their pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks! ZING

The song is eerie, graphic and terrifying. It should have it’s own music video. It’s a staple in my Halloween season, so let it be apart of your family’s tradition. Not to mention, your Halloween party!

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Kung Fu Vampire- Dead Girls Don’t Say No

Nothing says, “I love you” like necrophilia. Too dark? Going back to the Halloween party theme of this list, Dead Girls Don’t Say No is a very popular song. Some might even argue that it’s Kung Fu Vampire’s most overrated song. Which means this song will be played at a Halloween party at some point this year. And every year from it’s initial release, till the end of time.

That’s why it’s nearing the top of the mountain. Yes I referred to my list as a mountain and some of you may feel that I’ve shamed women. That’s not the case at all. I love you. Call me!



Jimmy Donn Ft King Gordy- Don’t Go In The Basement

One of my favorite songs off this album. (I say that a lot don’t I?) Quite possibly one of the songs that gave me chills. The lyrics tell the story of something (or someone) living in the basement and a little girl going down there. This is another story telling track that will leave you uncomfortable and poised with dread.

Maybe not for the Halloween party dance, but a great discussion piece when you’re pouring punch into your plastic cup. Or when that creepy dude in a mask, tries to hit on you.

See? I’m a good guy!



Anybody Killa- Ya Neden’s Haunted

I was 13 when I first heard this song. I loved it then, I love it now. That’s right! I admitted that I haven’t changed in 15 years. If you haven’t heard it, give it a chance. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Vampire bats, poltergeists, exorcisms all focused around the reproductive organ of a female.

It’s great! Trust me. Ladies, you’ll love it!



Juggalo Party- Twiztid Ft Blaze Ya Dead Homie And ABK

I said it once and I’ll say it again! No song beats this one when it comes to Halloween. Or Halloween Parties. I was 11 when I first heard this song. I was a mature 11 year old. Change was never necessary! Anyways, this song ties in Jack-O-Lanterns, Trick R Treating, violence, mayhem, chainsaws and all the things that make Halloween great.

What it didn’t have in context of typical witches and skeletons, it made up for in modern horror and violence. Blaze Ya Dead Homie and ABK brought in extra bags of gore and dark humor. Complimenting everything Twiztid had, giving it a little more of a razor blade in the candy bar.

It’s a Halloween Party..NO! WAIT! It’s a Juggalo Party!


Who did we miss? What would you trade one of my top picks for? I’ll consider once of your choices for next years, if you bring me a Kit-Kat when I’m at the Allah Xul Elu Album Release Party In Ohio! Or when I’m at a show in your area!

Comment down below with your thoughts and what our next top 10 should be! As always, if you’re looking for sponsorship, contact us at the following links:

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