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Snow Tha Product Reclaims Independence!!


Snow Tha Product Officially Goes Independent


Written By: Warloxide


Snow Tha Product (Claudia Alexandra Feliciano) dropped a tweet yesterday stating that she is independent. Meaning she is not managed by any record label. She left Atlantic Records without any explanation. We all know that she does not need the management of anyone as she has proven with her raw skill. She could possibly be the best female MC to step to the mic today.

With her chopper style she goes hard on  every track that she is on. She has caught the attention of other well known artist such as; DJ Paul, Kizz Kaliko, & Tech N9ne. She has left many wondering what will all this creative freedom bring next for Snow.




When an artist goes independent they accept a greater list of responsibilities. Booking their own shows, creating their own merchandise, and hiring staff to name a few. We are left to wonder will she run with the Woke Productions name or remain a lone shark in the industry.  I guess only time will tell if she has plans to create an empire of her own. She has the fan base to do so if that’s what she chooses.

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With her bilingual skills she has a huge reach to crowds of Spanish and English languages. Her Spanish heritage reflects greatly on in her music.  She has a unique personality and and a style that most female artist would kill to have. She has been in the game for about 11 years and has one hell of a resume.

With albums like; Break Trough and Unorthodox, Good Nights and Bad Mornings and Vibe Higher Mixtape she is killing it. She has also pursued an acting career appearing in the hit tv series Queen of the South. In Queen of the South she played a gang leader( Lil’ Traviesa) who runs a drug trafficking operation.



After hearing of her independence we are wondering how long until she drops a new album?  How long until she hits the road and goes on tour again? What steps will she take next? Make sure to check back here for updates and answers as we get to the bottom of this.

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