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King Gordy Freestyle Promises Anakin Mixtape

King Gordy Has Released A Brand New Freestyle Hinting At Anakin?

Written By: Sid Jones

King Gordy, the King of Van Dyke, the Kush God, Hail Lord Vader has released a freestyle. This isn’t just an announcement, it’s a promise. Here, at RoxxxTV we are certain that this promises the highly anticipated mixtape. The one and only Anakin.

The internet has erupted with speculation and discussion, since the release of the freestyle. The one thing everyone agrees on? Lord Vader is coming back. After the Last American Rockstars debuting album, after performing at sold out shows, Gordy has turned to the dark side. Most have been discussing the King of Van Dyke logo that features on the freestyle.

Brief Review

For me, it was more than the lyrics and the beat. Everything brought me back to the days of Xerxes and The Entity. I could hear a lot of Van Dyke and Harper, which held a lot of promise. This freestyle flows like, a King Gordy single. This is horrorcore and dark comedy at it’s finest. Overall, I’m already excited of what’s to come. If this is an indication of Anakin, (I’m certain it is) then we’re in good shape.

Simply put, it’s old school King Gordy. It’s the style and vile lyricism we’ve all grown to love. The music we’ve been waiting for. From callbacks to his previous work, to something new and original. The freestyle has it all in under three minutes. We have all the sources for downloads here:

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