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Bizarre On Joe Budden And Mall ‘Rolling Up’

Bizarre Puts Out Tweet Responding To Threats from Budden and Mall

Written By: Sid Jones

Bizarre of D12 has reportedly received threats from Joe Budden and Mall. For starts, I have no idea who Mall is. Second, Joe Budden is calling for “backup” in this beef that has gone on for over a year. This is a prime example of real life beef inside hip hop. It appears, things have escalated.

So what does this all mean? This verbal exchange through songs and interviews will go down in history. That’s a fact. There will be long term repercussions. Something we can all learn from this. Everyone will pick sides, and both sides will grow closer together.  That’s how this this whole thing got started in the first place.

The fact remains, Budden threw the first punch. Bizarre responded in defense of his long time friend, Eminem. Bizarre has stated, many times in his interviews that him and Marshall Mathers are extremely close. Even before the song, Stepping Stone came out. The track brought the two closer together.

We’ve all had friends we’ve been distant from. Whether it’s life, or choice. More often than not, we try and reach out.

Eminem didn’t need Bizarre to step in. He did it for the right reasons. To defend a lifelong friend. This wasn’t for glory, or clout. This wasn’t for views or fame. Bizarre made an example of a dude that no one has heard of, until he aimed his cannons at Shady. Firing the first shots of this ongoing war.

The beef has intensified between the two. No matter who’s side you’re on, or if you’re on one at all. As a journalist, I am expected to be unbias. With that said, I have met Bizarre on several occasions. He’s always been a good guy and looked out for those in his circle. I’ve spent time with the people Eminem grew up with on 7 Mile.

Whatever happens to Budden, he deserves. Point blank. Bizarre has never been one to start anything. He’s lost friends because of things like this. He’s no coward either. He will stand up and do the right thing. I’ve never met Budden, but I’ve seen his livestreams.

My final words are this: Sorry Budden, you deserve everything you’re getting. I have no sympathy for you.

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