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Lil Xan 10 Worst Rappers Of All Time

10 Artists That We Have Dubbed Worst Of All Time (plus Lil Xan)

Written By: Sid Jones


Lil Xan is by far one of the worst rappers I had come across. Upon further inspection into today’s mainstream music scene, my stomach turned. I remember when mainstream artists came around on MTV and we all could talk about them. Now, I feel like that hip-hop has become saturated it’s hard to pick out just 10 of the worst rappers out there.

So how did I do it? I hunted for a source. Maybe someone who promotes artists on a podcast. A man who does all the heavy lifting in giving shine to the worst of the worst. Someone like Adam22. It made perfect sense. I’m someone he would call, “out of the loop.” While, in the same breath promoting artists that look like characters from, Black Mirror.


Honorable Mention

I had to put Lil Xan on this, immediately. Anyone who refers to Tupac boring, is not allowed to be called an artist. Yes, the man had to call the police for protection against Tupac fans. I think that falls under, “you fucked up.” Still, it’s not enough. The best thing I could come up with was putting Lil Xan as an honorable mention. He doesn’t deserve anymore grace or attention other than a brief mention. You get clout for calling Tupac Boring. You’ll never get press from me. As you throw around online, “on God” homie. Whatever that means. Anyways, moving on!

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Matt Ox

First off, why would Warner Bros. sign this kid? Second, how does this kid get all this publicity? Is this a case of people being attracted to stupidity? I have gone through as much as I could on Matt Ox. The reason why he’s so low on this list, is because of the amount of people that like him. I can’t stand him, he’s obnoxious and can’t even interview properly.



Bhad Bhabie

When I first heard of this artist, I thought, “Spellcheck exists. Use it.” The second thought I had is, “Let me guess, all brawn, no brains.” Then I remembered who she was. Cash me outside girl. A meme. We made a meme successful. Why? How? When I think of her, I think of the movie Idiocracy. I can’t even say that’s where we are headed as a species. We are already arrived at our destination. Hip-Hop has been set back 25 years. Thanks a lot internet. You did it! This is your fault.



Icy Narco

If a character from Final Fantasy and a modern day rapper had a baby, it’d look like the picture above. That is Icy Narco. I get it, cosplay is more popular than ever before. Bring that into today, and it’s poisoning the well. It’s the prime example of, “Don’t be like this guy. Be original. Don’t force creativity. Does this man look like something unique? Moving on.



Blue Face (BlueFace? Bluface?)

This man was put at the seven spot for a reason. Repetitive hook? Check! Lazy flow? Check! Praised as one of the best new artists? Check! All of this was put into account when I shoved him in the limbo on this list. Not the worst, and nothing real noteworthy. Blue Face just exists and he’s terrible. Now you know who he is too. Readers, feel my pain and agony.



Nickie Minaj

This woman is still making music? I didn’t like her when she didn’t come out onto the scene and I don’t like her even more, now. Nickie Minaj, whom was once at the helm fell into the category of overrated. Right now, she is categorized as a celebrity, not an artist. That alone, puts you as one of the worst for all the damage and influence. You get to stand with Blue Face in Limbo. Combined, you both resemble cotton candy on a stick.



Joe Budden

Seriously? When I heard about this dude trashing on Bizarre and Eminem, I laughed. Not because I’m a fan of those two, but because I had no idea this dude was a rapper. He looks like an executive for the NFL. Maybe the MLB? Rapper did not come to mind when I saw him. So, I went and listened to his music. I’ll pass. While he’s not as bad as some of the previous others, the damage had been done. It’s what made him one of the worst artists of all time.




I don’t know what a “boonk” is, but this is where hip-hop really got lazy. The track, Boonk Gang has no ring to it. It’s not even a fun word to say. In the wasteland and crustacean of music, this is the cesspool. When you’ve had too much to drink and your nauseated. Maybe, you get that guilty feeling and mix that with the time someone pulled your pants down in school. You now know what it’s like to listen to this guy.


Trippie Redd

I don’t want to know anymore about this dude. Dark Knight Dummo? What is that? Certified Gold, or not I stand by the notion that record companies want artists like this to poison minds. Anything related to this rapper and The Dark Knight film deserves to be put in the same category as a man who calls Tupac Shakur “boring.” They belong together. Forever. And blacklisted from hip-hop.



Lil Pump

Remember when Marilyn Manson and Eminem were blamed for school shootings? Well, apparently parents stopped caring. I don’t know if it’s this generation, or the tolerance for mediocrity and drinking from the bottom of the barrel at the same time. I just know that in a music video from a Lil Pump, it’s okay to promote drinking Lean and there’s no conflict. This is what’s become acceptable and applauded. Stop blaming the artists of our generation when garbage like this is paraded and celebrated. Next time someone gets bullied and shoots up a school, can we please blame it on Lil Pump? Or a kid overdoses? Or a cat gets stuck in a tree? And then crucify him and get him taken off air?




6ix 9nine

Do not be like this man. This is an example of what not to be like. A walking bag of skittles with whatever tatted on him. This is why rappers are mumbling, trapping and covered in ink. He set that trend and damn him for it. Everyone on this list is responsible for being like him, or following his trend. Tekashi, when rumors circulated that you said, “If she’s 13, I’m 13.” I wished terrible things on you. I still do. Combine Joe Budden with Nickie. Out comes this fatal mistake in music.


Did you agree with this list? Comment below your own top 10 and we’ll see if they end up anywhere mentioned! Share with your friends, whether you agree with us or not. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more news, articles, top tens and more! Right here on RoxxxTV!


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