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Smallz One of LSP drops new single

Smallz One (LSP) releases a new single eariler this week



Smallz One ScumSmallz One of Lyrical Snuff Productionz made the underground buzz this week dropping the new single she has been promoteing days prior to . Smallz One is a Lyrical beast not to be underestimated or compared to many she has brought the hardcore horrorcore scene a style unmatched by other mainstream female rappers. Lyrical Snuff brings the full package with this track great production brilliant lyricism and a star feature from the one and only Scum over a dope beat. as per her style Smallz One shows you shevents in her music and it is her way to release as she confronts a range of topics in her own wicked way on this track making you hope and beg for the future release we all know is coming .

Although it has been near 2 years since she has released we still have yet to forget her last album with this single giving us a preview of more to come with the style only LSP and SmallzOne can give to us .i fat boi have been rocking with LSP and Smallz since wicked Wisconsin and thru the move to Alburcrazy NM. the label and artists have all evolved over that period to create a cult following like no other and continue the momentum to the future . If you roxxxstars havent heard this yet go check it out below and leave us your love on the new single below in the comments .


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