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Middle Finger Music Brings Hip Hop Back

Ladies and Gents, Roxxxstars, there is a big sign for the new-school sound in hip hop and it’s clear what it’s meaning is. News straight from the Detroit Foul Mouth himself posted on his personal Facebook account of a superpower of musical talent has been formed to save the current state of hip-hop Middle Finger Entertainment! This announcement just 5 hours ago at about 730 am est. came from Shane Webb’s facebook and Foulmouth social media ” At a time when numbers, likes, and trends are dictating the climate and structure of Hip-Hop, it is refreshing to know certain individuals are focused on creating and distributing quality music devoid of industry standard and norm. Middle Finger Music is a collective of Emcees, producers, artists, and bottom line fans of Hip-Hop. The concept is simple: create, promote, and distribute the Hip-Hop we want to hear while pointing the finger at the system. Middle Finger Music does not adhere to the mainstream mentality or formulas set in place for today’s artists.” The formation of Middle Finger Music not only lets you know how most feel about the state of hip hop but has set out to restore it and bring back a time before hip hop broke our hearts with its new pop sound and watered down lyrical content. The post goes on to assure you that this conglomerate of talent is here to restore hip hop’s value and an announcement that will be sure to show you they mean what they say and intend to come thru with it  MFM takes pride in crafting a sound that will resonate in the ears of the true Hip-Hop fan. Monday September 24th we will announce the first two releases and drop new music from both. Follow our page @middlefingermusic313 .”

The ledgendary line up of Michigan hip hop names like Bang Belushi , Swiggz , Blizzard , Aztek and dj Jimbo Slice along side others is sure to school the new generation on what it means to make music . All are bullies on the mic with specialties in other aeras the Middle Finger Team is built of  3 other procucers  @aztekthebarfly , @callmeblizzard and @jimbojones313 along side @foulmouth313 and 4 super emcees including Aztek the Barfly, Foul Mouth ,  @bang_belushi_ and @classthegod . The Middle Finger Team also brings to you a power house of managers @pat_313 and legendary dj @jimbojones313 topped off with the muti-faceted  @swigz_sinatra as their videographer and visual man .

Although this is an epic line up you can speculate with or aginst its sure to showcase what real hip hop lovers need and want back in their lives . If you dont belive in the Middle Finger Music team and message maybe you should reconsider if you really hold the soul of hip hop in your heart . As for me Fat Boi im getting goose bumps just writeing this and building the anticipation of what this team will do together and the rest of you hip hop heads out there you will be very happy when Monday September 24th comes and you get the preview of what they are about to do to revive the dieing art of real hip hop and boom bap beats and exterminate the wack artists that dominate the radio waves today .



Middle Finger Music Team Social Media Links


@pat_313 CEO/Management/A&R
@foulmouth313 Producer/Emcee/CEO
@aztekthebarfly Emcee/Producer
@bang_belushi_ Emcee
@classthegod Emcee
@callmeblizzard Producer
@swigz_sinatra Videographer
@jimbojones313 Producer/Dj/Management

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