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Eminem Interview w/Sway


Picking Apart Eminem’s Brain After Kamikaze

Written by: WARLOXIDE


In the aftermath of the unexpected Eminem album Kamikaze, the world still shakes. With tracks like Lucky You (Feat Joyner Lucas) and title track Kamikaze, Eminem took the world by surprise.With this unforeseen album of old school style Eminem he made waves so big everyone felt them. Sway of Shade 45 had the opportunity to sit down with Eminem and shed light. The Detroit native had a lot to get off his chest.


“Rap God” Eminem had some not so pleasing things to say to a lot of other artist in the album. With his sights set on artists such as Takashi 69, Joe Buddin, Machine Gun Kelly and many others, Eminem’s lethal lyrics left people with nothing much to say. He explains why he went after these musicians. With all the negativity that his last album caught he decided to fire back. Responding with some of the most intense lyrics.

Shady goes on to explain his lyrics directed at artist that use ghost writers. With Drake being in his cross hairs Eminem explains why he has the utmost respect for him. Em explains that Drake did something for his daughters that puts him forever in his good graces. He did however address the fact that Drake among other modern day artist use Ghost writers. He believes its not worth it if you cannot write your own lyrics any longer.

The Hip Hop legend was scrolling thru YouTube when he noticed MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) talking about Haylee. He knew right then that he had to respond. His response shook MGK to the core which made him respond back with a diss track of his own. Rap Devil is the title to the diss track to the Rap God . This got the attention of Eminem. He decided to take the defensive approach and wait it out.Letting MGK start to sweat before dropping a bombshell that makes his entire diss track irrelevant. Eminem has been known to end careers when it comes to Diss Tracks.

Slim explains his relationship with Joe Buddin and his rap group Slaughter House. Eminem believed that Slaughter House could quite possibly be the most lyrical rap group to exist. Somethings are meant to be and some are not. When questioned about the money that Slaughter House brought in, he explained that they never made enough to cover the initial cost of the first album. The first album never dropped because they thought it sounded “too polished”.

So Kamikaze was dropped as Eminem’s opinion about everyone that drug his name though the mud. He wants people to know they have a right to state their opinion, but when you do, don’t expect him to sit back and not say anything back. He has he same right to state his opinion regardless of ones feelings or if it cost them their job. When you hear music of this caliber, you can definitely tell that the real Slim Shady has stood up. He has no remorse for those who fall victim to his lyrical homicide.


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