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Eminem Delivers Killshot To MGK

Eminem Pulled The Trigger On Machine Gun Kelly: The Aftermath

Written By: Sid Jones


Eminem responded to Machine Gun Kelly’s, Rap Devil. Shady brought his newer style, combined with the old-school Slim Shady. The internet exploded with reports on the official music video and reactions. From Twitter to YouTube, it has been the song everyone is talking about. Websites have broken down the lyrics in Killshot.

Here at RoxxxTV, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to look into the aftermath. From the reactions that meant the most, to a butterfly effect of what could be. Should MGK respond? What happens if he does? It’s all here.


Jumping The Gun

After Machine Gun Kelly responded with his diss track, Rap Devil. The Original Rap Devil, King Gordy reached out and warned him that MGK would regret doing so. The reason being, he showed up on a music video half cocked. There was zero preparation, hence why the general consensus was, “It (Rap Devil) was okay.” It was subpar and rushed. Machine Gun Kelly was eating in breakfast in his music video, that’s how quick he came out to respond.

Eminem, along with the rest of the internet pointed this out. Again, more evidence that MGK was unprepared. Slim Shady waited. The anticipation built up until, he was at the ready to fire back. Within the time, leading up to the release of Killshot. We saw fake videos, fans doing disses, speculation videos and so on. Artists such as Bizarre of D12 also came out, warning MGK that he made a critical mistake.

It’s hard to tell when or if Machine Gun Kelly will respond. If he does, he needs to be more prepared. Comparing Killshot with the song, Rap Devil you can tell which one had more thought and hard punches. It’s been decided, unanimously that Eminem outrapped and outshined MGK. Hopefully, he learned from his critical error.


The Spotlight Meets Butterfly Effect

If you’re a rapper and you’re looking to release something within the next week or so, you might want to postpone. This has been the beef of the decade. Many have stated that we haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. More will argue that this is absolutely necessary. I will have to strongly disagree. Back in the 90s, yes absolutely this would have been great. Now, in the days of the internet, this will only be saturated.

The negatives to all this have already been stated. The real culprit is clickbait. People are releasing mixes of Eminem’s old music and compiling it on their own, labeling it a diss.

Artists are doing freestyles, and their own tracks to chase a little clout. Can you blame them though? If this is all we’re talking about, for weeks and weeks what do you do? Especially if you have a new track, a new album, or any project.

Hopefully, this pushes artists to bring out their absolute best. The market has become competitive. So getting noticed helps. It’s going to be hard with everyone now anticipating Machine Gun Kelly to respond. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a side effect. How many artists were impacted by sales when Eminem released his surprise album?

It’s not just in rap, but in all genres. You spent three years working on an album, you schedule the release date, maybe even a release party. Next thing you know, Eminem releases a brand new album, the same night your album goes live. To make matters worse, another rapper comes out and disses Shady.

Your project has now gone overlooked. This happens more often than we realize. It steamrolls from there. There are 30 million people subscribed to EminemMusic on YouTube. Killshot has 30 Million hits. In less than 24 hours. I rest my case.


To Respond, Or Not Respond?

We touched base on this a little bit. If Machine Gun Kelly responds, Eminem may not. By the way it sounded in Killshot Shady sounded bored. Mars went to Twitter and even stated, “I think Em only used 70% power.” If Machine Gun Kelly does respond, it probably won’t do anything near as good as Rap Devil. Even that was again, subpar.

At this point, he’d be ridiculed and given the online troll treatment. Except from his loyal fan base and the people that don’t like Eminem. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and the loyalist mentality will be a deciding factor.

If Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t respond, this whole thing will quickly fade away. Life goes on. Another unfortunate outcome for MGK could be that he’s ridiculed for not responding. He may have to do the interview, or Instagram live to make a statement as to why he won’t. Either way, something has to be done on his end. He’s been backed in the corner of, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


What do you guys think? Should Machine Gun Kelly do a return diss? Should he throw in the towel? Do you think this has affected other artists? Let us know down in the comments below. Be sure to stay tuned and up to date right here at RoxxxTV.


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