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Top 10 Albums Of The Summer 2018

Top 10 Albums Released This Past Summer

Written By: Sid Jones


This truly was the Summer to remember. To celebrate, we have the top 10 album releases of the season. From the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Weirdos, to an unexpected release from Eminem. This was remarkable and historical. We will be talking about the Summer of 2018 for years to come. Hip-hop fans can celebrate and look back at the finest months we witnessed.

With that said, this list has been compiled with a few guidelines. EPs have been ruled out. Re-releases and mixtapes have also been excluded from the list. This is for full length albums. This is a list I have assembled, with other members of RoxxxTV guarding the door. As I write this, I am fully protected from any backlash. I feel as though, this is truly needed.

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Let’s begin



Eminem- Kamikaze

I put this album at number 10 for a couple reasons. One, it was a surprise album, which served it’s purpose. As much as people praised the album, I didn’t care for it, in it’s entirety. Stepping Stone, Not Alike, and Venom were the three songs that I can say, I thoroughly enjoyed .

Front to back, it was not as remarkable as others proclaimed. A midnight release was a way for Slim Shady to put out an album, with less chance of it leaking.

He closed out the Summer, which could have potentially overshadowed other artists. However, it made it’s mark, it was original, and it deserves it’s ranking on the billboards. There are others that deserve it just as much, if not more.



Ouija- Gutter Water

This album was one of my least favorite album of the Summer. That being said, it did make a splash (pun intended) and I have to acknowledge that. Most of the bitterness comes from the album art. A knockoff of Nirvana’s album, Nevermind. To be completely honest, I don’t like trap music and I can’t stand mumble rap.

The reason this did better than Eminem’s album on this list, was simply the praise and what it did as a whole for the underground. The potential to have a mainstream audience has become more of a possibility. I’ll be honest, this album did nothing for me, personally. It’s how others had viewed it and the lack of dislike in the Psychopathic Records fanbase. The juggalos held this album in high regard. I took that into consideration. Moving on.



Jedi Mind Tricks- The Bridge and the Abyss

This album was interesting. I love Vinnie Paz and I’ve been a fan of both Army of the Pharaohs and Jedi Mind Tricks for years. This album was good. It wasn’t the best of their discography however, it surpassed my expectations. Death Toll Rising, Hell’s Henchman, and, What She Left Behind were my top three picks.

The deciding factor was, it was good front to back. I got to hear that old school Vinnie Paz, I just miss songs such as, Is Happiness Just A Word and Last Breath. I will say this album is highly underrated and underappreciated. If you haven’t heard it, I strongly recommend it. Four stars.




Axe Murder Boyz (AMB) Muerte

As soon as I heard the song, Vibes and watched the music video for it, I knew this was a whole new AMB we hadn’t seen before. Bonez Dubb did a phenomenal job, outdoing everything he had done prior. This album solidified a promising future for both Young Wicked and Dubb.

The two came together for a highly anticipated project. People that haven’t liked AMB, were left stunned at the production and the lyricism.

This album proves the two men have chemistry and could even have successful and creative solo careers. If you haven’t heard it, you’re truly missing out. It’s available at and we suggest you get it. Truly remarkable and a highlight of the Summer.



G-Mo Skee- Chaly and The Filth Factory

I had been waiting for this album, since it was hinted at in 2016. For me, this is was the story telling album of the Summer. What else can you say about it? We had the G-Mo Skee humor we’ve come to know and love. We heard Vinnie Paz and the Jokerr on an incredible track along with, G-Mo Skee. One of the most unlikely triple threats in modern day Hip-hop.

Why did it land at the number 6? For the same reason that made the album great. It broke away from the story telling about 3/4 of the way through. Kevin Maclane shined in this album. He showed range, passion and did an incredible job setting up an entirely different project. The tracks broke away from the first half of Chaly and the Filth Factory and took a more serious tone. This perplexed listeners, who most decided was the biggest pull away from the album.

We had to go back and listen to it several times. Not just because of the change in tone, but because of the ending of the album. We won’t spoil it for you however, it is quite possibly the most ambiguous endings in the history of Hip-hop. The mixed reactions and the complex nature of this album is what placed Chaly and the Filth Factory at the number 6 spot. The perfect lead in the top 5.



Boondox- Dirty Days of Night

This album was short, sweet and to the point. The artwork sets the tone for this evil and devilish album. I did my research, I looked into it and decided this was not an EP. This was a short story. This was, in a sense a story-telling album. What made this one so amazing was the short connections and the little things that tied everything together. In order to truly appreciate this album, you have to check it out for yourself.

If you’re a fan of Boondox, you’ll praise this album. Did we mention that it has the perfect soundtrack to the Netflix Original Series, Punisher? There’s a song called, Frank Castle and it’s absolutely perfect. Best song was, The Rage featuring Redd. It was humorous, it was in a sense terrifying. This album went overlooked by many. When Season 2 of The Punisher returns, we’ll see a spike in sales. Trust me.



The Damned- Evil Spirits

I wanted to put this in the number one spot. For me, this was quite possibly a bigger surprise than the release of Kamikaze. The Damned put out their first album in over 10 years. One of the greatest punk bands to have ever graced a stage, made a huge return. There was a lot that went into this. From the lyrics, to the production. Tony Visconti produced the album. He has also produced for the late David Bowie.

This LP was largely crowd funded. Which, was a deciding factor in putting it in the top 5. The Devil In Disguise was the song that stood out the most. It reminded me of the Damned and their older works. Front to back, this album is pure gold. Well done gentleman!



Big Scoob- Duality

I had to listen to this album multiple times. Anything you play more than once, deserves to be on a top 10 list. I was looking for the duality of this album, and I had found it. It’s deep laced in the baseline of the hooks and verses throughout. A compelling and well thought out LP. Anything that requires me to think, I appreciate. This was a man’s story. From what I had gathered in songs like, Tremble and Only Way I know.

The features on the album were placed perfectly. The collaborations all had chemistry and never strayed from the message Big Scoob was trying to deliver. I would proudly put this next to Prozak’s All Fall Down and Tech N9ne’s, Something Else. It needs to be heard by fans of hip-hop.



Whitney Peyton- Iridescent

You ever hear that an artist is coming out with an album, and you don’t even stress? You never wonder if it’s going to be good, or bad? Because you know, deep down it’s going to be absolutely amazing? Well, that’s how I felt about this album. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for it’s release and I couldn’t wait to hear it. Whitey Peyton didn’t disappoint. Iridescent was proof that she has wide range and can do anything she wants in the music industry.

A certified Rockstar with songs such as, Summer, Do It Again, and Bounce. This was my favorite album to come out in the month of August. It will be in the Top 10 of the year, without a doubt. She deserves every bit of praise she gets. Iridescent was truly sensational. An LP and an artist, ahead of their time.



The Interrupters- Fight the Good Fight

This album exceeded any and all expectations. One of the best Ska bands in the modern era of punk, released their third full length album. When this was announced, punk rockers everywhere rejoiced. To be completely honest, this CD felt like a continuation of their already incredible discography.

There were a lot of albums to come out this past Summer that disappointed. We find that a lot in artists or bands we’ve grown up listening to and, “This isn’t as good as their first album” is a common statement. In the case of, Fight the Good Fight it’s the exact opposite. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to them, you’re left in the dust. We’re here to get you caught up. Easily, a 5 star album.


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