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Bizarre Of D12 Features On New Album

Bizzare Of D12 New Single ‘Rockstar Since Birth’

Written By: Sid Jones

Bizarre of D12 will be featured on this highly anticipated album. With everything happening in the hip-hop world, this song has been released just in time. The new Tommy James album, Brain Worms has Bizarre and others on it. However, the song Rockstar Since Birth brings everything full circle. From the most talked about album of the week, Kamikaze we heard Eminem shout out Bizarre. As mentioned in our most recent article, Top Ten Collaborations We Need Before 2019. You will see that this song is right on time.

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So why this album? Why is this one the big story? Why is this everything coming full circle? If you think back to the Foul World Mixtape you’ll hear the Last American Rock Stars self titled track. Listen to Bizarre’s first verse, you can clearly tell. Now, fast forward to Eminem’s song Stepping Stone. Listen to the part where Eminem talks about “Biz” (mind you it’s a lot to gather) and hear what he says about Rockstar. Whether it’s the song, or the duo the Last American Rock Stars, no one knows. Except Bizarre and Shady, of course.

Now, look at the title to this song. Tommy James had it right. He knew exactly what would bring out the best of Bizarre. A good beat, great talent and some of that Rockstar mentality. Not only has this song inspired Bizarre to do one of the best features we’ve ever heard him deliver. The artwork for the album, Brain Worms is definitely present in the image he’s been sharing on his social media. Still think this is a reach or far fetched?


We are certain that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear from Tommy James, or Bizarre. This single holds promise to a couple things. First, this is something that could lead to a bright future with Tommy James. Second, it shows the impact the Last American Rock Stars, collectively have had on the music scene. From the underground to Eminem. Everyone has now become familiar with the name. It will live forever because of tracks like this and the LARS legacy. You don’t have to believe it now. Just wait.

Or maybe, you can listen to it for yourself down below:


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