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Top 10 Collaborations We Need Before 2019

Top 10 Collaborations We Need Before 2018 Comes To A Close

Written By: Sid Jones


It’s 2018 and we’re already headed into the Fall of them all. The Summer to remember is coming to a close and it has been everything we could hope for. The thing is, now we want more! We have a thirst and hunger for more music and together, we have sat down to discuss what we want to see. I have set forth this idea and I have listened to what everyone has been saying. We have been paying close attention to what has happened and now it’s time to once again, make our demands. It’s draft season, so let’s flex our muscles and fuel their motivations with the Top 10 Collaborations We Need Before 2019.



Zae The Godd Featuring Esham

Think about this. You have Detroit and Boston. Midwest and East Coast. Acid Rap with brand new hip-hop. Could you imagine the dynamic and polar opposites coming together for one song? Just one? Something new and experimental. This choice pretty much sets the tone for the following nine collaborations we need to see. If you can take both of these men with the talents they have and their differences in inspiration and delivery. There is no stopping either of these men. Bringing out the best in each other on either a slow, horror beat, full heavy metal, or even an old school beat. Either way, we can hear it and we can demand it! Gentleman make it happen!



G-Mo Skee Featuring Rocky Wallace

We touched base on this in a previous article. However, this needs to happen. Whether it’s a funny track with a serious hook (could you imagine?) or if it’s a deep and thought provoking track, with the classic G-Mo we all know and love. Another idea of polar opposites brought into a fold. To me, it doesn’t matter who’s featuring who. The two need to do something together. Filth and soul together on one beat. We will give you all of our money! Make this happen and who knows, maybe this unlikely pair will add another claim to originality. Doing what no one has done before.



Anybody Killa Featuring Xtra Overdoze

The two are the perfect match. We’ve heard the fast mixed with slow. The sound a speeding train with hard solid drops. Now, imagine if you will two speeding trains colliding into each other? That is what you would get bringing these two together. Xtra Overdoze a million miles an hour and Anybody Killa delivering that Hatchet Warrior Hollowpoint classic. It’s chaos in the studio, now imagine that stage presence? You would need a stage big enough for two bands. The chemistry is there, the lyrics and the motivations are the same; Destroy the mic and exhaust the crowds. Pure adrenaline and excitement.



Nekrogoblikon Featuring Twiztid

Sweet baby Jesus make this happen! The set up is there! The build up is there, just make it happen! I’m not even talking just Jamie And Monoxide. Get their drummer with the drummer from Nekroblikon up on it too! Two drummers, one heavy metal band with the demented duo. Bob Roxxx has a really nice office. I will give it you, you can have it! If you bring heavy metal to the horrorcore, there is no shortage of possibilities! Give us a seven minute music video! A live performance at Twiztmas, something, anything but bring this together! We Need A Gimmick remix featuring Twiztid. Just think about how that would sound!



Whitney Peyton Featuring Kovax

Do I even need to say it? Do I have to sit here and explain it? Okay, alright fine. Heat and SummerDesk Job and Woopty Woo Woo. High energy, lyrical chemistry, the party vibes, the insanity and the madness! How else do you close out 2018? The two are absolutely phenomenal. Now we need them to do a song and a set together! If you’re not able to envision this, you’re not in the right place! If you’re not familiar, get familiar! This is a no brainer!



Majik Ninja Entertainment Family Featuring Infantry (INF Gang)

Here’s the pitch: Brand New Underground 2. Year of the Sword 2. Bonus CD contains features from each member of INF Gang. You go ahead and figure out the algorithm. Do the math and find out how many hours of music that is and we’ll see if the studio is still standing. This is the perfect fit for the list because you can mix and match all you’d like. Me personally? Kevin Maclane featuring G-Mo Skee and Gorilla Voltage. This could have closed the deal on ninety percent of the top 10s in underground, hip-hop. worldstar, but we still have four more entries. Let’s do this!



Deuce Featuring Grizzy Hendrix

How can you not imagine these two working together? By far one of the most interesting combinations, so far off into left field. How could this be possible? What kind of track would it be? Imagine this: It’s political, socially and it’s pure raw violence. Imagine the music video? The song and video about the streets? Again, these two couldn’t be more different. The messages are extremely similar, which makes it the most least likely on this list. There’s so many questions and variables, you wonder if it could even work. That’s why I chose it. To rattle your brain before we get to probably the most highly demanded collaborations.



Tech N9ne Featuring Redd

This has been the one people have talked about all Summer long. Ever since the release of Underdog, there has been no other valid contender. Combine the harmony of Redd’s Wunderland with Tech N9ne’s Strangeland and you have yourself a continent of hybrid music. The two share similar styles, while venturing and experimenting with other genres. After they drop the track we’ve been anticipating, they can do a tour together. For the song they recorded, they can perform it live! Mutually beneficial, lyrically and conceptually. At this point, it’s not even a matter of if, but of when. It’s either the best way to end 2018, or start up 2019. Either way, Strange Music needs to make this happen.



Lyte Featuring Mars

Remember Hatchet House? Remember the horrorcore music that came out of Psychopathic Records? That’s what this track would do. It would bring back the perfect amount of horror with modern day Psychopathic. This would be the old school meeting new school. Lyte has undeniable skills on a mic, as does Mars. The difference is what they deliver. What each arsenal holds, unleashed on a track would be the statement and the shock of the year, in regards to Psychopathic Records. It sounds good just by saying it. Lyte, featuring Mars on a track. The track title? Universal Destruction.

And now for the most obvious knew this was coming.



king of vandyke king gordy

Eminem Featuring The Last American Rock Stars

I don’t even know where to begin. I would have to write a biography. The history Eminem and Bizarre share is enough to make a movie of. When you add King Gordy, most forget about the Devil’s Night Mixtape and how amazing that entire album was. Now, we look at today. First the obvious, Eminem did a surprise album. Shocker right? Well, it’s even deeper than that. While the internet exploded over the beef between Shady and Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem called Bizarre out on the song, Stepping Stone. Not for beef, but to apologize. Slim Shady apologized to Bizarre and shouted out Rockstar. Where the confusion lies is, was it the song, or was it the project Last American Rock Stars?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Machine Gun Kelly called himself the Rap Devil. The title of his diss track to Eminem. Who took that personally? Lord Vader, the King of Horrorcore, the King of Van Dyke, the true OG Rap Devil, King Gordy. This rap diss from MGK has left him with now, three people to contest with. Three individuals with history. If you’re not understanding, I will put it to you like this. A younger, newer rapper called out three Detroit legends. While each one takes a shot at Machine Gun Kelly, they will unite and perhaps start a super group, do a song together, or even better. They will bring back one more D12 album.

The possibilities are endless. If this doesn’t happen, it would be the biggest miss. For both Shady Records and Majik Ninja Entertainment. The biggest what if since Biggie and 2pac.


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