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Dark Lotus Performance Makes Powerful Statement

Dark Lotus Returned At Attack of the Ninjas With A Powerful Statement

Written By: Sid Jones


Dark Lotus is the biggest story to come out of Attack of the Ninjas 2018. Not just because of the performance itself, but the timing. Here at RoxxxTV, we have decided that the beef is officially over. Before anyone has the idea that this is going to be a drama article is poorly mistaken. Instead, we gathered after the performance to discuss our thoughts on it. We came to the conclusion, collectively that this was in fact, an invitation. We had our own reasons for believing it, but that was the general consensus. In this article, we’ve broken down everything for you. So with that, let’s explore the overlooked details and the powerful message of Dark Lotus.


The Surprise Of 2018

Dark Lotus wasn’t announced for Attack of the Ninjas. Which says a lot. This was a surprise for those that went. There are a lot of people that are currently unhappy with Majik Ninja Entertainment. This set wasn’t to brag. Dark Lotus didn’t return to rub salt on wounds. They came back for one reason and one reason only. To remind us all why we are here. The juggalos that missed out can anticipate another Dark Lotus set in the future. Even though Lotus performed in 2017 at Fright Fest, there was a lot more to this event. Namely after the words spoken at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Again, just as a reminder all of us at RoxxxTV believe the beef is over. This is just acknowledging a timeline and nothing more. When the 19th annual Gathering of the Juggalos concluded, it was Majik Ninja Entertainment’s turn. Not with vengeance, but with love for those that didn’t see Dark Lotus at the summer festival. This was truly, unexpected.

Until Eternity

When every member of Dark Lotus performed in 2011, I caught a small detail. They kept in Anybody Killa’s part of the hook. Why is this noteworthy? Well, they didn’t change the words. Again, for timeline’s sake, we are simply pointing out history. Anybody Killa had parted ways from Dark Lotus, never to return. He did however, perform at the pre-party with Blaze Ya Dead Homie. We speculate that the invitation was there for him to rejoin them. Even though the Hatchet Warrior wasn’t there for Dark Lotus, he was still in Indiana. They still kept Anybody Killa’s part of the song. Just as they did back in 2011 in Chico, California. Dark Lotus is here for all eternity.

Masked Anticipation

The most obvious detail we all noticed were the masks. Opaque Brotherhood era to be exact. Why is this significant? Well, looking back at the original performances, each member wore signature Lotus face paint. One of the most highly anticipated albums of our generation was Opaque Brotherhood. This was also the last album to be given a full tour. Together, even though ABK was not present, this was still everyone that did perform the anticipation. The hopes we had for that album. It’s poetic. Surprising us with the appearance of Dark Lotus and reminding us of the hype for one of the most remarkable albums.

Closing Statement

Not ours, but the last message of Dark Lotus that night. They ended the weekend with Juggalo Family. Even though this is one of their most popular songs, this time it meant something. No matter what you think of Twiztid, or anyone at Majik Ninja Entertainment, they will always have Juggalo Family. The message may have been weakened with the lack of members. Well, this is our closing statement. This was them opening the doors for juggalos and the other pedals. For us to gather together and be the family we once were. Families don’t always get along. Families sometime fight. As we have all learned, sometimes it takes a little more to make amends. Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary and get someone’s attention.

Here at RoxxxTV, we believe this to be the case. This is setting an example for everyone in the underground. This is showing us how to respect where we started and where we came from. We took this past weekend as the ultimate surprise of the Summer. This showed us how to lead by example. For that, we are grateful. If you want to see Dark Lotus perform together again, it won’t be much longer. The Lotus Pod will have all of it’s pedals. Just wait and see.

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