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Intrinzik interview UGH King

RoxxxTV Interviews One Of The Founding Fathers Of The Underground

Today, I spent the time to speak with Intrinzik, founder of Underground Hustlin. He also offers Underground Hustlin
services which, some of our readers may use to book shows. Also, you can book collars with some big Underground acts like Boondox, Madchild, Bernz, and L.A.R.S. More importantly, this man provides the best Hip-Hop compilations for casual listeners and diehard fans. The content is well produced and the artwork alone is enough to have it in your CD collection. When it comes to passion, creativity and effort, nothing tops the Underground Hustlin’ series. If you’re not familiar, you can click on the link provided at the end of the interview. With that said, ladies and gentleman we introduce you to the one and only Intrinzik

Interview with Intrinzik


How was UGH created?

UGH came about basically doing a bunch of big shows and wanted to capture that audience other than me being on stage for just 15 minutes so the idea came to have a mixtape with me and a bunch of different artists. It filled up fast and by the time the next show came around people were hitting me up about the second volume.

Are you still planning on putting out any more Intrinzik albums?

Debating that right now but doing a lot with the mixtapes dont know how that is going to work in the future. Right now I have just been putting out singles on the UGH CDs.

What can you tell us about UGH 65 and 66?

65 is done it’s at the press and it ships tomorrow and it’s a double disc the first disc is called the platinum. They chose their favorite rockstar entirely produced Stir Crazy mixed by Intrinzik. Hosted by Lars of MNE

66 were following the same formula except its superhero hosted by Tha Roc who is part of the group of HOK which features Twiztid. There’s also a song that features Monoxide of Twiztid on the CD.

If you can go back and tell yourself anything when you first started what would you say?

I dont have really any regrets you always think what if I bought apple stock but life doesn’t work like that I really done good.

Following up that question, what advice would you give up and coming artists?

Its basically all about your content stay humble dont burn bridges dont release things just to release things. Your first impression can be your last impression. So be mutual with everyone in the game you never know who you may need.

Stir Crazy wanted me to ask you how is it like working with the best producer on the planet.

Stir Crazy is awesome a workaholic he is a music genuis it’s a blessing he’s the new spark behind UGH and we always seem to find the best creative fit and he has a certain passion he shares the same passion as I do he may be the best in the world. I don’t really know I really only listen to the music I’m putting out at the moment.

The current volume is 65 hosted by LARS and 66 is in production and is hosted by HOK alumni The R.O.C.



Underground Hustlin is now the longest running complication in the underground which is includes host Ron Jeremy Potluck Ces Cru the Last American Rock Stars and Esham.

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