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Xtra Overdoze Exclusive Interview

Xtra Overdoze EXCLUSIVE RoxxxTV Interview


Xtra Overdoze has been making a lot of noise in the underground. With the release of his new music video for, Raw and Rugged the man had taken off. That was just the start. I was listening to some of the songs from Underground Hustlin’ 65 and it was the song, GET EM’ that grabbed my attention, right off the bat. It caught me off guard. If you haven’t heard it, you owe yourself a payday gift by ordering that new Underground Hustlin’ 65 hosted by The Last American Rock Stars. It was because of this that I sent my self on a long journey.

After making phone calls to promoters, booking agents, cashing in on favors owed to me, and going through all my contacts, I finally managed to get in touch with the man himself. A huge icon in the underground, the go to for features, a national sensation. Ladies and gentleman, I have the interview that goes deep inside the mind of Xtra Overdoze. The questions you’ve wanted the answers to, they’re all here. It was more than worth it.


Before we begin, I would like to thank our sponsors for helping me make this interview possible. Without them, I don’t know what we’d do. They’ve become apart of the RoxxxTV family and they’ve helped make this happen. All of it. The reviews, the interviews, the articles and the top 10 lists. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


SID: Xtra Overdoze, I appreciate you taking the time to sitting with me. My first question I have is, how did you come up with the name Xtra Overdose?

XO: No problem at all brother. Thanks for having me. The name was originally XO and was the handle I ran with during my days of selling weed. I’d had an assortment of different strands that weren’t easy to get your hands on at the time in that specific area which everybody called exotic herb or High-Grade. Took the XO and ran with it. Once I started getting more involved with music it evolved into Xtra Overdoze. Which I look at as an evolution to my journey. Like a Fen driven by drugs, doing anything and everything to achieve a hit. Some even Overdoze in the process and die. Now me driven by achieving my goals and pursuing my career until I get my hit and Overdoze on my success. That same consistency, that same addiction is my motivation. That’s Xtra Overdoze.

SID: I always find it interesting hearing about where artists came from and what inspired them. So I have to ask, what inspired you to get involved in the music scene? What inspired you to become Xtra Overdoze?

XO: Music is universal. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s endless. Me, I’ve always had a wide range of music to my ears with my mother and father playing different artistic styles of music through out my child hood. So there’s not a time I can remember music not moving me in a inspirational way. Early on I was focusing on my career In the film industry with auditions and playing extras.

Eventually becoming frustrated with the structure and process of auditioning for the majors to instead do it myself. I’d went through a really rough patch after that and went back to selling marijuana and through sales would bump into a lot of different people from different backgrounds. Some that we’re into music and eventually got into the mode of freestyling and fucking around. Lots of people would tell me I should take it more serious and I began writhing more and more to the point I became even more frustrated with my predicament. I wanted out of the reality that came with being a street hustler. I had more to offer the world. And I knew if I could get the attention of the people verbally I would lock em In visually through videos and eventually my own films ! The end result Xtra Overdoze !!

SID: With all the artists you’ve worked with, you’ve quickly established yourself as an icon in the underground. If you could work with any artist or band, who would it be?

XO: Marilyn Manson, indefinitely !!

SID: There’s a lot going on in the underground. Labels are popping off and artists are really starting to shine. What do you think is the major catalyst to the increase of music and various artists?

The internet.. word of mouth … the social media platforms are such a powerful tool. It’s a no brainer that an artist doesn’t necessarily need a label. If you’re an artist with something to offer the people and it catches their attention then your on the right path. Also it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. Again it’s millions and billions of people online trying to do the same thing you are even beyond music. Just trying to share with the world the skill, talent or passion they posses. So it gotta be some shit yah dig and the views will increase. That’s the formula you smell me !

SID: You’ve done amazing work as an independent artist. If you could choose any label to sign to, who would it be? Or would you rather remain one of the largest unsigned artists in the scene today?

When it comes to labels and who I would want to sign with it’s like this. I’ve never met any of these people that run the labels or the A&Rs to the scout agents and all that good shit. So until I meet or have a sit down with any label I’m Gucci Bandanna haha I’m good just doing me. I’m having fun and it’s amazing to see what me and my team have done thus far. But if the proper proposal is put in the air anything can happen !

SID: Going back to the vast increase of music and performers, what’s your advice to someone trying to make a name for themselves?

XO: Everything you do at this point has to be an attention grabber. You must be able to get the attention of the audience that you are targeting as soon as they hear you. Because again their are endless other artist that want what you want. Create your own lane and master your craft. Stay consistent and be true to yourself. Art is for everybody but your vision is yours.

SID: I know a lot of people are excited about your recent music videos and tracks. Is there anything you can mention that you plan on releasing in the future?

XO: Yes man it’s been insane. The fans and supporters, all of my injecterz worldwide have been the best ! I’ve actually been working on a lot actually. I missed the whole summer with prepping my first Official Ep.

Xtra Overdoze, we thank you for your time and your music. You’ve been an inspiration to all of us here and to artists all around the world.

No problem at all, and thank you.


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