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Sid Jones

Job Title: Writer/Editor/Talent Scout

Ladies and gentleman, my name is Sid Jones. Since 2012, I have embarked on a journey. Not just an expedition into the underground scene, but of self discovery. My goal has been to shake hands with as many people as people from all across the world. My home is right here at RoxxxTV for that exact reason. Wherever I go, I will take you with me. Either in person or through the power of social media. Since the beginning, I have gone coast to coast and around the United States. Yes, I am a fan of the music, but my goal is to meet each and everyone of you reading this.


Sid Jones Meet and Greet 2018

Main Goal:

Wherever I go, I’m bringing the party with me. I love hanging out with music artists and hearing their stories. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do. When it comes right down to it, I’m in for you. Without you, there is no Sid Jones. Next time I’m in your town, make sure you say hi. Maybe, we’ll get high. Maybe we’ll have a few drinks and I can hear your story. We get together for the music, the live performances and we gather once a year. The music makes all of that a possibility. This has always been about us.


DCG CON 2018

Inspirations And Viewing Pleasures

One of the other things I’m really passionate about is dark comedy. Life can be so grim that all we can do is laugh. Sometimes, what we go through is unbelievable. I have struggled with a lot in the past, and this is what keeps me going. Nothing brings me more joy than a dark comedy film. My favorite one is Kill Your Friends. Whether you’re an artist, a producer, or just a fan of entertainment. This film has everything.

Another favorite of mine is, He Never Died. Which stars Henry Rollins. I was a fan of Henry Rollins since High School. Honestly, it was him that set the course of everything I’m doing now. To see him in a film as abstract as He Never Died brings a smile to my face. Kill Your Friends was one of the components that gave me inspiration to be a talent scout.



I don’t rap. I want that on the record. I do not make music. However, I didn’t know I wanted to be involved in the music industry, until I saw the movie 8 Mile. It wasn’t Eminem that gave me that drive either. It was the scene where they were interviewing Big-O. (played by King Gordy) I had no idea how much of an impact that man would have on my life. I wanted to do radio interviews after seeing that scene. I was and still am obsessed with watching interviews and commentary. In 2012, I was hanging out with a friend of mine in his makeshift studio. That’s when I first heard King Gordy’s solo work. I was familiar with him after the Devil’s Night Mixtape. Though, it never occurred to me to look deeper into this man’s legacy.

After hearing the song, Kelly Osbourne I was a fan. First song I listened to. I had followed his music ever since. If it weren’t for that man, I would have never pursued my dreams of working inside the music industry. I am grateful to that man each and every day. He’s been an inspiration because of his ideas, his interviews, his humor and being a mentor. Working with him has been an honor. The way I see it, it’s just me giving back and saying, thank you for all he has done for me. So if you like the content on my channel, if you like my articles, and if you like my uploads. Thank him. I couldn’t do this without a professor of both music and business.


King Gordy, Jimmy Donn, Kali Breeze and I At Seafood Lunch


As previously mentioned, I love Devils Night. The mixtape and the original. One of my favorite verses of all time was Bizzare’s verse in the song ,Revelation. I was 11 when I first heard that song. It never even dawned on me that I would ever have the honor of meeting him, or Gordy for that matter. I can honestly say, I’m truly blessed. Those two (Gordy and Bizarre) have some of the greatest chemistry in the entirety of music history. For them to come together as The Last American Rock Stars, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to just be a fan. I knew I had to be apart of it. Both Bizarre and Gordy have welcomed me with open arms. Words cannot express my gratitude. The day they were officially announced, that was my call to arms. To join the ranks and become a Last American Rock Star in some sort of capacity.


Grimey Video Shoot On 7 Mile The House Next Door Is Where D12 Started


Passions Outside Of Music

I mentioned this before, but I love stand up comedy. One of my favorite comedians is Jim Jefferies. Another one is the late George Carlin. Those two inspired me to think and really helped me see things from different perspectives. Especially George. I was a teenager when I was first introduced to him. My craving for knowledge grew when I heard Complaints and Grievances. I bought the CD before watching it on HBO. His words and his humor opened my eyes and became a staple in establishing me as a person. As an individual.

Everything I do is my escape from reality. With that, I like to be in tuned with current events. My source for news isn’t Fox News or CNN. As a matter of fact, my news comes from John Oliver. Last Week Tonight is something I get to enjoy every Sunday on YouTube. Going back to one of the key components that created Sid Jones, I get a good laugh and an education. Sometimes, it’s with a darker tone. Mr. Oliver is also a logical, creative, and brilliant activist. To prove his point, he utilizes resources and knowledge. Comical content is the spoon that feeds us information. A crucial ingredient to who I am.


My Advice To The Readers

Don’t give up on your dreams. If you’re not going to invest in yourself, no one else will. You’re gonna need a team of people, no matter what your goal is and they’ll all play a crucial roll in your success. Make sure you never leave them behind when you do achieve greatness. Remember, you’re the meaning of life. You are in complete control and responsible for your happiness. Embrace chaos as well. Things will get crazy and the only choices you have are to accept it, or embrace it. Use your craft and your passion as tools to maintain your sanity. The mundane life can be ridiculing and vile. I established a 75 foot perimeter rule. Anything happens within 75 feet of me in a public space, I have the right to speak on it. Learn and observe from the people that made it to where you want to be and surpass them. Nothing is given to you. You have to take it.

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