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Top 10 Overlooked Tracks

Top 10 songs that have been overlooked and missed out on

Written By: Sid Jones

There have been a lot of albums, singles, music videos and samplers to come out this year. Already, we have seen the works of G-Mo Skee with his highly anticipated album Chaly and the Filth Factory Gorilla Voltage have released an EP and a mixtape as well. All came with praise and highly sought after physical copies. With that said, there have been a lot of mixtapes from underground artists that haven’t had the love they deserve. I have gone through with other RoxxxTV members to figure out which songs have shined the brightest and still managed to be missed out on. Ladies and gentleman I give you another top 10!





Wil E Haze- Ceilings

As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t just tracks, but music videos as well. In June 2018, this music video was released and I didn’t even hear about this until recently. This was the perfect way to start the list off. Not only was the music video original and loaded with hidden meanings, the lyricism is brilliant. The song is one that needs to be given a chance. The fact that it’s a music video is a bonus! If you want that chill stoner music, you need to give this one a listen.



Xtra Overdoze Sucker For Pain

Criminally Underrated doesn’t even come close to describing this song. Let me break down why I put this one on the list. First, I hated Suicide Squad and I can’t stand that they watered it down. The soundtrack was also watered down. How fitting for a movie that had so much potential and fell apart. I remember being excited for it and was terribly let down, disappointed etc. Xtra Overdoze’s Sucker For Pain was the cure to all that. He made a promotional video with his very own take on the song Sucker for Pain. Had that been the original version used for the film, I would have bought the soundtrack. If you want to find a way to enjoy the best of Suicide Squad and a better version of the single? It’s right here!





LARS – Christmas Carol

I think people forgot about this one. When this was advertised shortly before the release of their self titled album, I downloaded Spotify just to listen to it. Whether you’re a Juggalo and a fan of the ICP Christmas albums or you’re a casual Hip-Hop fan, you will enjoy this track. So this holiday season, remember to tune in and give this song a chance. Sing along with your mom, aunt, sisters, brothers, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, your wife, and the girlfriend.



Bad Religion- The Kids Are Alt-Right

Let’s break away from Hip-Hop for a second and appreciate this for a moment. Bad Religion has used amazing lyrics and an incredible use of instruments to create this single. The single was turned into a music video. Everyone has been talking about it. So now we have to let you guys know that this is worth checking out. The music video has been done in classic style and defies authority. My punk rock roots bled into this a little bit, but I promise you, this will be something you can appreciate. Especially because it leads into our number six pick! Check out the music video below:




Harlem 6- Trump Card

I was given the honor of hearing this song for the first time live. Again, it catered to my punk rock roots. This song also reminded me that punk and Hip-Hop aren’t so different. Again, defying authorty with cleverness and skill. Much like the previously mentioned. This is the definition of old school. Only difference is the current events are a little different. If you remember the Rock Against Bush compilation albums in the early to mid 2000s, this is a reminder that the people have the power. Music is a reflection of not just us as individuals, but us in unison. Harlem 6 brings that to the forefront of our minds.



YaYa The Gremlin FT Fatt Goon- Shoutout

After the Gathering of the Juggalos 2018, this song has become more popular. However, it stands that it is still underrated and under appreciated. Fatt Goon delivered with rapid lyricism and it blended well with YaYa’s mainstream sound. You’ve got two rappers that deserve a lot of love and respect, bringing out the absolute best in one another. The chemistry alone will give you something to bump. If you haven’t heard it, you definitely need to.



Zae The Godd-  Intro (Intent 2 Distribute Vol.1)

Say what you want about intros. To some, it’s filler. To music fans, it’s the first vibe you you’ll get from the album and in some cases, the artists. Intent 2 Distribute Vol. 1 is a mixtape that took everyone by surprise. Not only is it a banger, it’s a well produced mixtape front to back. You can listen to it from the beginning without ever hitting the skip button. Once you hear the intro, that’s where you’re gonna find yourself with another favorite artist to add to your catalog of music. For those that have already heard it, Zae the Godd has announced a sequel. Intent 2 Distribute Vol. 2 so make sure you’re listening to this one. Or you’ll be left out of the loop.




Sky Swamp Orange- Prism

I had the honor of reviewing this music video, upon it’s release. For me, this was hope for the reinventing of punk rock. A revisit to old school and an introduction to a new wave of music in general. If you haven’t seen this music video, pay close attention. There’s a lot that combines the lyrics with the images on your screen. This was my first introduction to the band. Playing at the final Warped Tour, these men will carry the torch. It’s great to finally hear a blend of punk with a slight hint of hardcore rap. This song in particular has a much deeper meaning. You’ll have to hear the song and watch the video more than once. There’s something new to find every time you watch it. And we have it for you right here:



Kovax- Desk Job

Do you hate your job? Guess what? Kovax hates your job. In this song, he makes it very clear that dreams are crucial. He wants all of us to succeed. Not only is this song overlooked, Kovax himself has been underrated. Detroit Hip-Hop has taken a huge twist for the better. A movement that Kovax has become apart of. This song stuck out the most because of his freestyle he does before the song even starts. So when you’re sitting in your cubical or standing at your station in the factory, play this song. It’ll remind you of your goals and more importantly, your worth.



Redd- Memories

This is one of my all time favorite artists. I have mentioned him many of times on my channel and on RoxxxTV. I heard 3..2..1 Off With Your Head and that was my first introduction to this talented MC. When I heard Memories, it was an experience. An original track that gives you a feeling of nostalgia, as if you’ve heard it before. The song will have you reflect on your past and reminding you that it’s all just memories. The message is clear, your past made you who you are today. It does not have control over you. Just because some of it was bad, always cherish the moments you can never relive. I’ve carried this song with me while I’ve been on the road. A reminder that there are good times and bad. The future is what matters. It’s a reflection of your life and mine. This man has done a lot for the industry and how he isn’t signed to a label is beyond me. However, the future is bright for this man and this song is the one people need to be listening to. We have the music video to show you this man’s range.

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