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PlayBoy The Beast Goes Underground!

IIPlayBoy The Beast Goes Underground !!

Playboy the beast of the underground brings his crazy speed flows and vicious style to slay anybody who opposes him. This upcoming album is sure to be a dope addition to his already extensive discography with features by big names Kung Fu Vampire, Xtra Overdoze, Grewsum and plenty more. Playboy is still finessing and perfecting this project so if you think you have the talent to lace a Playboy The Beast track contact him for an open spot on this sure to be unforgettable like playboys have come to infect our brains with. If you haven’t heard of Playboy The Beast I feel worse for you then if you ate peanut butter and worms, he is to most considered the next TechN9ne and one of the few artists to master the art of chopping without killing the mastery of it. His skill with chopping is only second to his pure beastly flow on every track he records or beat he approaches giving you the assumption of how he got his name. Although I’m, not a nice man I included PlayBoy The Beasts links below his offer for all you aspiring artists out there and even a video to introduce you to his style and the reason the call him Playboy The BEAST.

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