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Arizona artist '2$cam'

I asked 2$cam, a Hip-Hop artist out of Arizona, to sit down with me for an interview to get the word out there. Phoenix is on fire with the rap scene right now, all kinds of people are wanting the chance to speak on a record but only a few will stand out and represent. 2$cam is a true hustler, he would even say scam artist, working diligently this past year to create a brand and solid foundation for his music. He let me in on some of his background and plans for his music in the future.

Where are you from?

-I was born in Las Vegas but I moved to Mesa, AZ at 8 yrs old and that’s where I was raised.

What do you think about the Hip-Hop scene in Phoenix right now?

We poppin right now, the world ain’t giving AZ our respect. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in the country and we ’bout to make that known.

Have you performed around Phoenix / Mesa this year?

Yeah, I’ve done about 6-8 show in the past year.

2$cam performing @ Club Red in Mesa, AZ

Who influenced your style?

I grew up listening to D Block and more east coast shit cause I my homeboy from Jersey put me on em so I feel that influenced me somewhat.

How would you describe your own style?

I’ve got an aggressive rap style if I had to describe myself.

Are there any influences outside of Hip-Hop that have helped form your style?

I feel like my lifestyle influenced my style. I like to talk about things I’ve done or gone through.

Favorite poets, performers, singers, musicians?

I’ma list D Block, Kevin Gates, and Kodak Black are on my playlist right now but I fuck with so many artists that’s it’s hard to list favorites.

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

I think they in need of a little scammin.

What are some of your upcoming plans for your music? Any shout outs?

I’m dropping my first tape ‘Scam Artist’ real soon, featuring my boy Dyligent, so keep your eyes and ears open. A lot more is planned and on the way, make sure you check out the tape follow my social media pages.

Arizona artist '2$cam'
2$cam at another show in 2018


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