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Skytzo Beats Talks #TrashJuice with Roxxxtv

Skytzo Beats Talks #TrashJuice with Roxxxtv


#TrashJuice whats that Roxxxstars Oh its a new way to show how bad something is coined by local Michigan artist and producer SkytzoBeats . Skytzo Beats is straight outa Flint Michigan with a sound of constant energy being delivered thru his beats and lyrical content. He brings you all your emotions weather your in that hardcore gangster mood or mellow he will compliment it. Skytzo Beats may be considered #TrashJuice to some but in our eyes,, he is just developing that Skytzo style with a touch of hypeness those like Lil John or Sada Baby are kings of mixed with the lyrical content like Three6Mafia and Evil Pimp mixed into this almost strange new wave sound that is dominating the mainstream. Although many may not know this local Skytzo or his music you can’t deny his social media presence and work he is putting into himself. He started the #TrashJuice movement and if you don’t know now you know if you don’t get with it then your #TrashJuice. As usual, Roxxxstars I’ve included links below and a short video for yall and MAKE SURE YOU TUNE INTO DETROIT UNPLUGGED TONIGHT W/SKYTZO BEATS on @Aaron Nieman on facebook live.

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