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Origix Lab Notes Lead To Lab Work W/RoxxxTv

Roxxxstars Lab Notes Leads To Lab Work with Origix , id just like to share with you one of the hardest albums of the summer packed with real-life relateable lyrics young to old. Origix LabWork is an example of a man’s journey thru his life and this project truly reflects life’s lessons and journey all while giving you a musical outlet to vibe to and maybe turn a positive look on this hard life we experience every day.

Besides a strong message in the lyrics Origix goes above and beyond by having his hommies Pig Pen , Charlie Beans & Stranga run the order of beats with their true to def hip hop sound using heavy samples scratches and cuts from P-Dog to keep your attention torn between the lyrical and musical content you can only get from a true hip-hop head like Origix.

Although you won’t hear a mumble track or trap beat this is bound to be a classic in local Michigan hip-hop and all true heads around the nation young or old. This album is packed with features from artist’s like Swiggz, U.G.A, Excel and Aaron Taylor all alongside a bomb ass rock influenced intro and a heartfelt bonus track featuring Origix’s close friend U.G.A titled “Remember Me”. I feel bad for you if this album has not graced your palms or cd deck yet as it holds so many surprises that make you go thru a range of emotions as you reminisce on the related situations and lessons Origix shares but also at the fact he hints the game isn’t what it used to be and he may retire to the background as time goes we will only know but we hope this is not the case.

All right roxxxstarts we are out and just for you like always courtesy of me and Origix the links are below for you to stream and download. If you want to check Origix out live he is still broadcasting live on the first Saturday of the month 10pm to 12am on Raw Radio 89.3 or Also stay tuned for the #SkoolWalkOut mixtape releasing at the end of summer and keep your eyes peeled for our written piece on Origix and how he has helped shape the Michigan music industry as well as his journey thru the trenches of the Detroit hip hop world right here on .


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