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Top 10 Songs That Need To Be Used For Entrance Music

Underground Tracks That Have The Potential For Being Entrance Songs

Written By: Sid Jones

Underground artists and fans alike, have a passion for other things as well. Whether it’s wrestling, football, basketball or MMA. Here at RoxxxTV we have gone through hundreds of songs. After a long week of debates, arguments, fist fights in the office, and beating each other with chairs, we managed to pick the top 10 songs that need to be utilized for entrance music. Just a heads up, these are not ordered from worst to best, or best to worst. These song rankings are interchangeable. Just to avoid anymore violence in the work place.


Gorilla Voltage – Chaos Incarnate

One of the things everyone can agree on is this band offers no shortage of hardcore music. The perfect blend of heavy metal and Hip-Hop. The one thing no one can say for sure, is which song. We took a vote and this song is not only criminally underrated, it’s one of the best songs off of Year of the Sword. One of the bonus tracks on the second disc. For those that have heard it, they will definitely agree that they could see these two performing this track at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon, feel free to give these guys a call!


Fury – Eat Hatred

This one was the one everyone agreed on. Not only does the song Eat Hatred have that 90s WWF sound, the music video for the song features the late Paul Bearer. Hands down, one of the greatest hardcore fight songs and again, highly underappreciated. The drops, the beat, the lyrics it’s the perfect contender to be featured in some style of entrance music. If you don’t believe us, check out the music video for yourself! If you want the song added into your collection, grab your copy of Disaster here:



Last American Rock Stars – Lit

This track came out of their Self Titled Album! Last American Rock Stars. As hard as this song goes, it has a slowdown point and the hook is absolutely phenomenal. Known as the most controversial duo in the industry, they pulled out no stops. The music video that released on January 11th, 2018 is still hailed as one of the greatest music videos to come out this year! With fire blowing and amazing action! A live set that ends in violence and a twist. For those that are not familiar with this song, or the existence of the music video, we got you covered. This song would be perfect for someone about to enter that boxing ring, or mosh pit.



Boondox – 3..2..1 Off With Your Head FT Redd

Wrestling fans, this one is for you. Back in 2011, there was an episode of Monday Night Raw where the host of WrestleMania was about to be announced. The sound that started off before The Rock’s music jolted the crowd into adrenaline-fueled excitement is similar to that of the beginning of this amazing track. This single was put out in 2017, those of thus that heard it knew that this was going to be a banger. The lead up, the anticipation were built up in perfect harmony and our hearts jolted. Again, Vince McMahon call us. We got you! This song is pure synthetic dopamine.


Twiztid – Rep That Wicked

Hands down, the greatest Twiztid album to date. In 2012, Abominationz graced our CD collections. There was no way Rep That Wicked was going to skipped over. The chainsaw, the woman screaming and Monoxide Child coming out immediately after with violence in his lyrics. Why there was never a music video, is beyond us. However, this song is one of the ones Juggalos and Hip-Hop fans can agree needs to be utilized for some sort of sport or event. You can imagine someone walking out into the basketball court, or high school football field to this song.


Tech N9ne – Straight Out The Gate Ft Serj Tankian

Before anyone says it, we already know. Straight Out The Gate is in fact, going to be featured on WWE 2K18. This song was one of the biggest arguments we had. Do we add it as an honorable mention, or do we add it to the list? Well, here it is in the top 5. Personally, the remix would be the perfect entrance music, or even great for a promo video for a Pay-Per-View. Either way, it needed to be added. It needed to be said. Fight me. Or just watch the music video for yourself.



Whitney Peyton – K.O ft Grewsum and Mars

Let’s go back to one of the greatest EPs of all time. In 2011, we were gifted with No Holds Barred. The songs she has today are insanely good. However, it is necessary to go back to the original fight song she had done with two of the most talented horrorcore icons. Before she had won her spot on the billboards, this talented lyricist gave us K.O and it truly sets the tone of the rest of her career. I can just picture Rowdy Ronda Rousey throwing fists in the octagon as this song plays. Perfected, raw and a fight song for the ages. A long forgotten gem.



King Gordy – We Violent Too ft Fat Killahz

Detroit’s own King Gordy makes the list TECHNICALLY for the second time. This track off of Jesus Christ’s Mistress is a sequel to We Violent from his early and one of his most infamous albums. The Entity. This was another track that caused me to get hit with a chair in the RoxxxTv office. Why the second one if not the original? The hook and the verses alone would prove to be perfect for a heel stable in professional wrestling. You can’t argue that this is one of the greatest songs put out on the album. Go download the album on iTunes and find out for yourself.


Skeptik – We Came To Mosh ft Mad Child, King Gordy, Claas, Intrinzik

I was warned if I put King Gordy on this list again, I was getting thrown through a window. I negotiated to make this the number two spot on the list. I now have to replace a broken window. This track was chosen carefully and for a few reasons. One being this is a first glimpse into UGH 65. To me, it was a promise of what’s to come. Every artist on this collab gave it their all. It’s rock n roll with a rhyming scheme collected in the underground. Skeptik flexed and joined in with the best of them. The proof is in the video below.



G Mo Skee – Laughin At You Ft Vinnie Paz and The Jokerr

One of the most anticipated albums of the year Chaly and the Filth Factory did not disappoint. Laughin At You had east coast and west coast artists thrashing on the beat and punching microphones. When it comes to underground music, the Filth Factory is one of the epicenters of pure Hip-Hop. So if you’re about to step in the ring with your opponent, get on the field against your rivals or even gearing up for arm wrestling, this is the track to be played. What better way to show who’s best by laughing at those that oppose you?


Did you agree with these choices? Let us know down below. If you want more top 10s let me know!

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