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RoxxxTv will leave you Komatose

     RoxxxTv Will Leave You ……



Well, roxxxstars I hope you are as excited as me I bring to you spine-tingling and tantalizing news to leave yo Komatose. After six long years of hiatus, you are about to be blessed with your horrorcore legend and Halloween havoc bringer the almighty Komatose has returned with a massive line up of horrorcore and underground killaz to back him. Although we can only speculate as to how the project sounds as there hasn’t been any leaks or teasers dropped as of yet but with just over two months left to the release of the epic Boom Bap Blood Splat Horrorcore Backpack.

I can say that the movie style pin-up promotion circulating around social media has created hype only see by blockbuster releases, you can only respect the time this man and others have put into this album and the promotion around. Myself I am too excited as this is going to be the first Komatose I have had the pleasure of bumping since the pumpkin king was with serial killin records and returned on stage for Strictly for The Wicked # 1.

To say the least, i am geeked for this and you should be too he has dropped little bits of flavor for all of us leading up to the release of Boom Bap Blood Spat Horrorcore Backpack with the rerelease of Komatose ” You and Your Friends” in a collectors edition package. You can check that out here or even Pre-Order your copy of the pumpkin kings coming release.






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