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Welcom to the Death Jam roxxxstars are you prepared to meet the most wicked , murderous , most viscous  camp of killaz out there if not you should consider abandoning the ship your on and go look up a few Rachael Ray recipes .The Flatlinerz  true horror hip hop O.Gs are back with a vengeance , you may remember them from the 90s being signed to Russell Simmons  Def Jam Recordings label  and being banned from national television and radio for their second single ” Satanic Verses ” from the album U.S.A . Although being rejected by the main stream music industry they coined the term horrorcore and siletly created the yet to be born horrorcore music scene thought to be the next big thing after gangsta rap in the mid to late 90s, they struggled to have main stream success even with the backing of  Def Jam many in the music entertainment industry felt they where just too hardcore and scary . As of the past 5 years they have came back fresh as they left and ready to kill the now thriving music scene that they pioneered years earlier , If  your not familiar with Flatlinerz make sure to check out their debut U.S.A or 66ix chapters 1 – 3 they have not switched up their flow and still bring you that claSICK horror sound they originated . With their come back being welcome by fans , artists and other pioneers alike redRUM and graveDIGer decided to pay homage to their start in the music game but at the same build their own epic movement based around the horror genre , together they are forming what is said to be the new dominating force of the underground either as a Wu-Tang Clan style horror collective or super label Death Jam Recordings is here. As of now it is pure speculation as to what is going on  but it definitely has the entire underground music scene talking with leaks all over social media of a logo with 6 shadows around the Death Jam Recordings but only 4 have images the last two spots only hold question marks . So far announced for this colaboration of emense proportions starts with Flatlinerz ends with Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E) and packed inbetween with Donnie Menace and Choirboy Dank who could be the next to be announced with two shaddow slots still open who knows but i bet your life on it it will blow a few craniums .Make sure you stay tuned and save this page so you can come back for the offical Roxxxtv interview with The Flatlinerz and a more indepth talk on Death Jam Recordings and killer announcments the closer we creep towards Hallows Eve .




Donnie Menace


 Chiorboy Dank

Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E)



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