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Better Recognize its Menacide

Hey how ya doing today day my lovely roxxxstars , Oh boy do i got some juice for that thirst a and a bunch of treats to munch for ya right here right now on . We got a crate full of news to cover for you all and i know those attention spans don’t last when i turn into the rambling man so here it goes 1 , 2 and 3 . You better recognize its Menacide the man the myth the legendary rhyme twister and spitter himself is deep in the works of his hustle with an epic line up of work coming to marinate your ear drums . Oh ya thats right we have a list of goodies Mena has just dropped or will be dropping in the coming future .

First stop on our epic list of monstrous Menacide happenings is his release of  his track on Strange Music’s spotify Weekend Come Up artist suggestions , Menacide’s  name is in between the likes of mainstream stars Kanye West and Drake at #9 on the track list with the single from Underground Fight Club “Stuck To The Top (ft. Shawn Collins) . WOAH and if that dosen’t blow your mind we have even more craziness for you number 2 on the Menacide list. Here it goes lets drop this deuce for you guys , as a teaser to hold you over until the epic release of “Reign Supreme” the mighty master of the underground gives you his pre-qule mix tape “Supre-MIX” packed with fire beats and lyrics that could cut you if words were weapons . The Supre-MIX comes packed with features from underground heavyweights like McNastee , Danny Drive by , Cleezyna Jones , and A-game . So to say this is a great mix tape is an understatement it will literally blow your wig back or straight up make you die from the pure venomous flow him and his guests deliver to you.

If you don’t recognize Menacide yet you will after hearing his 2oth anniversary edition of his debut album “In My World” with special drips of flavor that set it apart from its original 20 year old counterpart .Yes Mena has been in the game a long while this is why i refer to him as legend and o.g in the underground rap scene .He has the respect and the time in the game to drop a greatest hits album but instead decided he isn’t old enough or done making hits and issued the re release of his undeniable underground classic “In My World” for all his fans and underground aficionados alike.

All this juice to quench your thirst while waiting on the highly anticipated “Reign Supreme” album to drop .So i say this to you my readers go bump Menacide’s new mix tape “Supre-MIX” on apple music or check out the album Underground Fight Club (U.F.C) available on spotify …don’t forget to go pick up your collectors cut the 20th anniversary edition of Menacide’s “In My World” and stay tuned for the lastest on Menacide and leaks or saucy flavor from the “Reign Supreme” album.

If you dont know how to use your search engine , phone browser or apps in general here is the links for all you guys to hear and catch up with Menacide at.


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