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Liquid Assassin Koba

A few weeks ago Liquid Assassin of Lyrikal Snuff Productions dropped Koba his new album. I listened to a bit of this album and really like what I heard. One noteable song I particularly liked was Machete (ft. Kamikazi & Playboy The Beast. I am also a fan of both Kamikazi and Playboy The Beast music and thought all 3 of them had a excellent showing on this song. It was my favorite song of the whole cd. Other mentionable artist features include Whitney Peyton, Geno Cultshit,Doe Boi and Class from Underground Avengers.i would give the CD a 8.5/10. I overall thought it was a good CD. I would like to see Liquid Assassin and the LSP family to keep making that grimmy underground rap and underground horrorcore music as we move forward into the future. Whoop whoop fam.

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