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Who The F*ck is XO? Let’s Find Out On RoxxxTV

You probably saw the picture and thought to yourself, just as we did, “who the fuck IS XO?”. The answer to that question has as many layers as the proverbial onion.

Xtra Overdoze, or Aaron Smith, grew up in the Bronx with influences such as Naz, Big Pun, and to our delightful surprise, even metal influences such as Metallica and Marilyn Manson. When asked if he could name his own genre, these eclectic influences rose to answer because as Overdoze put it himself, his genre is simply put, “music”.

This response is a great way to summarize Xtra Overdoze, whose face is painted similarly to that of a Juggalo, although quite unique, and while Aaron is apart of the Juggalo family and a Juggalo ally, he found his inspiration for the face paint from other sources such as The Crow or even history like African tribes. Maybe if you need an even more full answer, you could check out his song “Face Painted” and gain your own understanding.


Even his dream collaborations (which include none other than Marilyn Manson himself or even a completely different vibe with Byzze Bone) speak to his distinct lack of musical strictness. With a wide variety of musical influences to form the foundation and lyrical skills on par with major label rappers, XO is taking the underground by storm.

Accomplishments galore! From winning MNE’s UGH contest to being featured on multiple ciphers with major players such as Grinde Mode and Southern Savagery, XO is making his name and brand known. With a unique flow and major lyrical prowess, Aaron can jump from seemingly slow songs like “Let Me Slow It Down” to amazingly high paced songs like “Light Speed” and show his skills when hopping on any cipher or feature, such as the Grinde Mode Cypher – Beast From The East.


XO stays busy outside of ciphers and making moves in general. After releasing his first album featuring 11 songs of mayhem, it wasn’t long before he released the extended “Injecterz Edition” with 25 songs of pure heat. This is when I myself discovered XO and quickly ordered a hard copy from his bandcamp found at – and it wasn’t long before I Overdozed on what I consider to be one of the most unique flows in the underground, or indeed, the entire game, and had to ask him to be apart of my next album, which he graciously agreed to jump on and bless. XO stays on my raydar not just as the amazing artist he is, but also as the awesome and funny friend he is.

This is something about Aaron any fan willing to connect could find out – our Facebook live feed was full of smoking good herb and telling funny jokes. We even met up after to have a pure chilling session not related to the interview. XO is the type of artist to acknowledge those that show him love, respond to every comment he can, and show that love right back. There is no more beautiful or honest form of artistry. Only XO could you ask who his biggest musical influences are and which he would rather fight; 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck (he picked the 100 duck sized horses like any sensible human being would) and still have a lit interview that was really more about becoming friends and getting to know each other than anything else.

We can learn even more about XO from these interview questions he took the time to answer:

Biggest musical influences growing up?

Naz, Dre, Marilyn Manson, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and Magic Dragons.

Who is your dream collab(s)?

DMX, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, and Kanye.

What was your favorite cipher to be apart of?

Southern Savagery for the opportunity to travel.

What are you listening to right now?

Marilyn Manson’s “Upside Down Heaven” on repeat, along with Aryssa and Joyner Lucas.

What’s next for XO?

I’m going live with 215 Ninja’s on May 27th and I have my hands in a lot of things I can’t openly discuss for a few months, but make sure to keep your eyes open because some really great things are going to be happening, with different shows leading up to it, something big is coming towards the end of the year.

If you could choose any song to play every time XO entered the room, what would it be? 

Undertakers theme song! Or else Hail Mary by Tupac.

It’s clear that XO has his hands in a few different things, and if his comprehensive music tastes and influences speak to anything it might be, it’s definitely going to be unique, it’s definitely going to be different, and we’ll all definitely be watching.

Xtra Overdoze’s “WTFIXO: Injecterz Edition” is out now on and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Kurtis Tripp

Kurtis Tripp is a musical artist, a writer for RoxxxTV, and professional pothead.



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